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Posted on 14 December 2011 by @strategy_guide

The past few days I have been unproductive in a major way. Work, home, this site ... all of my time is consumed by Zombie Gun Ship!! I managed to take a few screenshots, but haven't even captured any video footage yet! (I'll post it if I ever get around to it)

I usually end up getting a new game on the iPhone, and get bored within a few hours ... all before I make the time to write up a decent post for it. Not this time! I've been playing this game for hours and can't put it down. It's good for 5 minutes, and just as well for an hour. Heck, I'll wake up in the middle of the night for a quick zombie murdering campaign :)

Zombie Gunship - Limbic Software

Coming into the game, you are greeted with a slick graphic of a gunship. The layout is very simple, and to the point. You can see your ranking as it stands with the rest of the zombie killing world, start killing zombies, or upgrade your weaponry and extra items such as Zombie Bounty (more money per kill), Bomb Buddy (single serving automatic gate defense), General Pardon (3 extra civilian kills), and Radar Upgrades (better visibility).


Once you hit start, you will come upon the flight computer and can pick from either the Bunker Alfa 1, or Bakersfield (nice train suprise) - My favorite is the bunker.


Once you select Bunker, you will then see view of the bunker in the scope of your 105mm cannon. Be careful using this thing, cause it has a pretty large damage area. While good when it comes to killing zombies, you need to often times use the surgical finesse of the 25mm Gatling Gun. The only problem with this is that you can't pan your view as easily. The best option IMHO is to select the 40mm Bofors Gun and use that as your primary weapon. You can then easily switch to the 25mm and optionally the 105mm Howitzer as the situation and need arises.


With the 40mm selected, you can now proceed. Sweep the immediate area surrounding the bunker for any straggling zombies. Don't worry, the game eases you into it. you wont get overwhelmed initially. After you clear the bunker area, you can start scanning the perimeter as far as your radar will let you see. You will need to save up cash along the way to upgrade the radar for better visibility. But not quite yet. I found it is best to upgrade your bounty and reload times, then faster firing, then bullet speed. Finally, as needed you can increase the damage radius. Here and there I would invest in the Bomb Buddy extra too.


Once you have a zombie in your scope, fire. Naturally you want to learn what your damage radius is so that you can strike with military precision. You are only allowed 3 civilian kills per round after all. Play a few rounds and learn how far away you have to strike to take out as many zombies as possible, and how close you have to strike. Please note: THIS WILL CHANGE WITH EVERY UPGRADE!!!


Here you can see a civilian walking. Once you come across a civilian, see which route he will most likely take, and make sure he has a clear path to the bunker, and oh yeah, don't kill them.


When it comes to zombies, this next image is inevitable. You will see civilians running right into the zombies. Don't be mad at them though. Remember, you have night vision, they are in the dark. That's why it's important to clear their pathways. If a civilian is under attack, and you are confident in your skills, switch to the 25mm and take him out with a quick tap. if you hold the trigger to long, the spread will increase and you will loose the civilian too.

One word of advice, your job is to save the bunker, and clear the paths. you can't save every civilian, and I wouldn't even try to unless things were very slow. If a civilian gets caught up with a zombie, suppress your emotions and move on. you will be able to save many more people by doing so. more than half the time, you will end up killing the civilian that you are trying to save anyway...


See.. I told ya so!


Hmm what's that growling sound :D

Make sure to check out the in game footage that I posted here: Zombie GS (Gun Ship) Bunker Alfa 1 Quick n Dirty

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  1. Billy Says:

    Has anyone got past bakersfield?

  2. Kty Says:

    What are general pardons in the objective screen

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