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Posted on 26 October 2010 by Kjersti Wasiak

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When you first start the Zombie Farm game it will lead you through a quick walkthrough on how to farm.  It is very similar to other farming games you have become used to and love, but it has the unique twist of also growing Zombies and invading with them.

You start by harvesting the crops that are already ready to harvest.  In the tutorial you also learn to plow and plant crops and zombies.  All of this is done by just tapping the plant or plot.  When planting you can choose to plant crops or zombies.

Crops are important for earning coins to be able to buy upgrades and items for your farm, while zombies are important for being able to invade to get brains and special items.  You will mostly want to devote your farm to crops, especially when you upgrade it to be bigger, but you will also want to also have a steady supply of zombies to harvest when you lose zombies in invasions.


Invading enemies is what makes Zombie Farm stand out from other casual farming games.  It adds an action aspect to the game, although it is not something you can continuously do, as you have to wait at least two hours between invasions.  Depending on the amount of zombies you have and their strength you might need to wait longer for the zombies to get hungrier (8 hours wait between invasions = max hunger/starving) before battling, especially when using weaker zombies against the harder enemies.

Enemies to Invade in Zombie Farm

To invade you tap the invade button in the button left hand corner of the screen.  This brings up a menu of enemies to select to invade.  At first it is just Old McDonnell, but more are unlocked as you level up.  You must have at least 8 zombies to invade, although it is recommended you have your max of 16, especially early on when you do not yet have access to the more powerful zombies.

Putting Your Zombies in the Order to Attack

At the beginning of the invasion you put them in the order you want to send them out.  If you have some hungry zombies and some not so hungry zombies, it works good to send out a not so hungry one first and then hungrier ones right after before sending out more of the non so hungry.  The first one can go out slow (due to distractions explained below), but the second one going out fast is important to keep your first one alive and allow the whole invasion to be more likely to succeed.  This strategy becomes less important as you have stronger zombies and are fighting the same low level enemies.

Zombies Easily Get Distracted When Not Hungry

When invading you send out one zombie at a time as they are ready.  A progress bar above the zombies head will show how long until they are ready.  Sometimes the zombies get distracted, especially if they are not hungry, and you have to tap them to bring them back to focus and have the progress bar continue.  When the bar fills up they are ready to attack and you tap them to send them out.  Continue to tap to keep them on focus and then send them out until you run out of zombies to send or win the invasion.

At the end of the invasion you will get some gold even if you are defeated.  If you win you will also receive an item, extra gold, and/or a brain.  The items are usually useful things that help you farm faster or make you zombies hungry, but there are also decor style rewards.

Fighting Old McDonnell

Old McDonnell's Farm - This is the first enemy you can invade.  There are 5 guys with pitchforks to beat the first invasion tutorial time you fight him, but after that there are 10 of those guys to beat.  Old McDonnell throws stuff down at your zombies approaching or your zombies are fighting the guys with pitchforks.  Once you defeat all the  guys Old McDonnell comes down to fight your zombies.  It is not too hard to beat Old McDonnell with the original six zombies, but it can be hard to beat him with just 8 if your zombies are not hungry.

Zombies vs. Lawyers

Zombies vs. Lawyers (unlocks at Level 16) - The second enemy you can take on is the lawyers in CorporateVille.  You can take them on after you have gained enough xp to reach level 16.  In this invasion you fight 10 lawyers before taking on the boss lawyer.  Just like in Old McDonnell in Zombies vs. Lawyers the boss throws things down at your zombies as you fight the smaller guys and then comes down to fight you face to face after you have beat the 10 smaller lawyers.   It can be hard to beat them with just the original zombies, but by this time you should have accumulated enough brains to get a blue grave and be able to use the stronger blue versions of the zombies.

Zombies vs. Pirates

Zombies vs. Pirates (unlocks at Level 21) - The third enemy unlocks after you reach level 21.  In this invasion you you take on 6 pirates before taking on the boss, the Captain.  There may be less enemies in this invasion, but they are tough.  The blue zombies may work, but you will probably need to use red zombies to beat the Pirates and by the time you unlock the Pirates you should have been able to get the red grave.

Tap Carrots to Get them Out of the Way

Zombies vs. Ninjas (unlocks at Level 26) - The final enemy currently available is the Ninjas, which you can take on after you reach level 26.  For the most part the Ninja invasion is similar to the first two invasions in that there are 10 little guys to fight and then the big boss (Mr. Whiskers this time) to beat.  There is one major difference besides the enemies being harder.  The big difference is now there are carrots that randomly pop up in you zombies path and you must quickly keep tapping them to get them out of the way.  The Ninjas are pretty easy to beat if you already have a bunch of zombies combined using the zombie pot by the time you get to Level 26.


Plants are the main crop you will likely grow on your Zombie Farm.  The plants bring in the gold that allow you to plant zombies when you need to, buy upgrades, buy mutations, buy items for life force, etc.  The planting of the crops and plowing the land after you harvest them are also one of the ways you gain xp to level up.  For each plot plowed and each crop planted you gain 1 xp, which may not seem like much, but it adds up.

The longer the plant takes to grow usually means it costs more, but it also brings in more profit.  However, the amount of profit for the time taken is not always as good.  For example, planting 15 minute crops 4 times in an hour actual bring in more coin profit than planting 1 round of 1 hour crops.  The fast crops also allow you to gain xp faster because you are plowing and planting more often.  The longer growth crops are still useful, though. - Check out the new Zombie Farm Plant Crop Calculator!

Plant the longer growth plots when you do not want to play as often or have to take a break for work or school.  Be sure that you plant them so they are ready when you can harvest them or else they will wither and you have wasted coins.

Garlic and Dragon Fruit Do Not Wither

If you do not know when you will be able to play or are going to bed, you might want to plant some non-withering crops.  The first ones available are the Onions which take a day to grow.  The most useful, though, is Garlic, which grows in 8 hours (great for a workday/school day and overnight).  There is also the Dragon Fruit (unlocks level 22), which takes a day.

Side Quests

Side Quest Reward

Side quests appear as icons on the top left of the screen.  More are unlocked as you level up.  The side quests have different things for you to do such as grow and harvest certain crops, grow zombies, beat enemies so many times, and plow x amount of plots.  They are mostly pretty easy and the reward is a decent amount of xp to help you on your way to the next level.


Zombie Pot Zombies

There are six types of zombies and each type comes in four varieties.  The six types of zombies are Garden , Regular, Party, Female, Small, and Large.  The first type is the normal (green) zombies that are green in color.  The second type are the blue zombies you can plant after you have the Blue Grave.  The third type are the red zombies you can plant after you have the Red Grave.  The final type are the ones you can get by using the Zombie Pot.

All types are useful except for the Small.  The small are not entirely useless, but they are rather unnecessary easy fodder for the enemies.  The other types are good used in combination, as certain abilities (discussed later) boost other types when both types are present.

Garden (Flower/regular, ZomBotanist/blue, Flower/red, and Zombee/zombie pot) - The garden zombies fertilize your crops randomly.  Fertilized crops sell for twice as much when you harvest them.  Garden zombies are useful in battle as healers.  They are weak when in battle, though, and they take a day to grow, so be sure to line them up to go to battle after there are other zombies out to allow them to stay back and not get hurt as much.

Regular (Zombie/regular, Zyborg/blue, Zombot/red, and Robo Zombie/zombie pot) - The regular zombies are balanced fighters with a growth time of 4 hours.

Headless (Headless/regular, Kindlehead/blue, Flamehead/red, and Party Zombie/zombie pot) - Headless zombies are tough fighters with a growth time of 4 hours.  These are quite useful as growing faster than Large Zombies, especially after you get their Protect ability that protects other zombies fighting with them.

Female (Girl/regular, ZomBeauty/blue, Amazombie/red, and Zombielocks/zombie pot) - The female zombies are nimble and have a growth time of 4 hours.  They are useful for sending out as your second zombie even when they are not so hungry, as once you dispatch them they move quick to join the fight.

Small (Mini/regular, Zmurg/blue, ZomGoblin/red, and Imp/zombie pot) - The small zombies are very quick growers with a growth time of 10 minutes, but they are also the weakest.

Large (ZomBumpkin/regular, ZomBruiser/blue, ZomBrute/red, and Zombarian/zombie pot) - The large type zombies are strong fighters and have a growth time of 6 hours.  They are the best zombies in attacking, although they do move slow to join the fight and thus are not good at being quick back up to your first zombie out, but they are a good first zombie out.

Zombie Abilities

Zombie Abilities are awarded for beating enemies.  There is one ability to unlock for each zombie type per enemy.

Garden Zombie Abilities


  • Heal - Heal other zombies. Unlocked from beating Old McDonnell
  • Fortitude - Headless zombies are a little tougher. Unlocked from beating Lawyers.
  • Ressurect - Ressurect a non-mini zombie once. Unlocked from beating Pirates
  • Heal All - Heal all zombies every once in awhile. Unlocked from beating Ninjas.

Regular Zombie Abilities


  • +5% All Stats - Zombie is a little stronger. Unlocked from beating Old McDonnell
  • Chivalry - Girl zombies are stronger around you. Unlocked from beating Lawyers.
  • Laser Beam - Shoot a laser beam while you're walking. Unlocked from beating Pirates
  • Laser Beam Ver.2 - New and improved. Unlocked from beating Ninjas.

Headless Zombie Abilities


  • +10% Life - Zombie is tougher. Unlocked from beating Old McDonnell
  • Protect - Other zombie types take less damage when you're near. Unlocked from beating Lawyers.
  • Turbo Walking Speed - Zombie walks twice as fast. Unlocked from beating Pirates
  • Block - Small chance to block any attack. Unlocked from beating Ninjas.

Female Zombie Abilities


  • +10% Speed - Zombie attacks faster. Unlocked from beating Old McDonnell
  • Grace - Regular zombies are stronger around you. Unlocked from beating Lawyers.
  • Random Stun - Small chance to stun your target. Unlocked from beating Pirates
  • Double Strike - Small chance to hit twice. Unlocked from beating Ninjas.

Small Zombie Abilities


  • Explode - Zombie will explode and stun the enemy (use when fighting by tapping icon that appears in top left of screen).  Unlocked from beating Old McDonnell.
  • Explode Ver. 2 - Can hit and stun the boss (use when fighting by tapping icon that appears in top left of screen).  Unlocked from beating Ninjas.

Large Zombie Abilities


  • +10% Power - Zombie hits harder. Unlocked from beating Old McDonnell
  • Mini Buddy - Carry a mini zombie and ram the enemy (use before sending zombie by tapping the icon that appears in top left of screen). Unlocked from beating Lawyers.
  • Bash - Bashes the enemy when activated (use when fighting by tapping icon that appears in top left of screen). Unlocked from beating Pirates.
  • Smash - Smashes the enemy when activated (use when fighting by tapping icon that appears in top left of screen). Unlocked from beating Ninjas.

Functional Items

The functional items part of the Market in Zombie Farm has some very useful items.  However, most of them cost brains and brains are hard to accumulate if you do not buy them.  Some of the items are very necessary to doing well in the game, though.

Some of the Functional Items in Zombie Market

Mausoleum (Costs 3 brains) - This allows you to store zombies, so you can have some ready beyond your 16 active.  This is useful, but beware that when you first buy it you cannot use it.  You must first get three rusty fragments, which area one of the random items awarded for beating enemies, and turn them into a Rusty Key.  To turn the pieces into a key tap them in your storage and use them to piece the key together.  Then tap the key and use it to unlock the Mausoleum.

Blue Grave (Costs 2 brains) - This is necessary to be able to grow blue zombies, which are stronger than regular zombies.

Red Grave (Costs 4 brains) - This is needed to be able to grow red zombies, which are stronger than both blue and regular zombies.

Zombie Pot (Costs 6,000 coins for first and 3 brains for more) - This is needed to be able to combine two zombies to make the ultimate powerful zombies of each type.  It takes an 1 for them to combine, hence why having more than one could be useful, although only if you have brains to spare.

Zombie Camera (Costs 1 brain) - Sounds useful at first as it says you earn gold from it, but kind of a waste of a brain, as the gold earned is quite minimal.  However, it is useful for doing some of the side quests, which give decent xp to help with leveling up faster.

Monoliths (Costs between 8 and 10 brains) - There are five different monoliths and they help make the game easier, but they cost a lot of brains and by the time you earn that many you do not really need them.  They really are only useful if you get early in the game and buy them with brains you purchase with real money.  Getting them later from brains earned is still worthwhile, though, if you want the Easter Island achievement (more on achievements later).

Decor and Tree Items

For the most part the decor and tree items are unnecessary.  They are needed for their life force, though.  Each ability needs a certain amount of life force present on your farm to work.  Sometimes you also need to buy specific items or trees to complete a side quest, though.

Upgrades - Zombie Mutations

Some of the Zombie Mutations

Mutations can be purchased in the Market.  Once you have unlocked and bought a mutation your zombies have a chance of being harvested with a mutation when they are harvested while the mutation's crop is also being grown on your farm.  Most of the mutations cost coins, although the broccoli one costs 2 brains.

  • Onion Mutation - Onionhead zombies have +1 life
  • Tomato Mutation - Tomatohead zombies have +1 power
  • Carrot Mutation - Carrot-eyed zombies have +1 speed
  • Turnip Mutation - Turnip-armed zombies have +2 power
  • Potato Mutation - Potatohead zombies have +2 life
  • Coffee Mutation - Coffeehead zombies have +2 speed
  • Celery Mutation - Celery-arms zombies have +3 power
  • Broccoli Mutation - Broccohair zombies have +3 defense
  • Garlic Mutation - Garlichead zombies have +3 attack
  • Cauli Mutation - Cauli-hair zombies have +3 defense
  • Bean Mutation - Lima Bean zombies have +3 defense
  • Flytrap Mutation - Flytrap zombies have +4 defense
  • Dragon Mutation - Dragon-arm zombies have +4 attack

Upgrades - Farm Size

Zombie Farm Size Upgrade

You can use brains or coins to upgrade the size of your farm.  To get a 40 x 40 farm you need either 6 brains or 10,000 coins.  The 50 x 50 farm upgrade costs 50,000 coins or 8 brains.  Upgrading your farm allows you to plant more crops at a time and have more room for items for your life force.

Upgrades - Ground

Ground Upgrades

There are four different ground upgrades.  The grassy one is the default one you start with.  You can buy the other three for brains.  The Urban Ground costs 1 brain, the Sand Ground costs 2 brains, and the Snowy Ground costs 3 brains.  Overall the ground upgrades are a waste of brains, although buying them all does get you a game center achievement.

Others - Brains

Brains are one of the game's currencies.  You have a chance of getting them from invasions.  The chance for each enemy starts as Excellent and slowly goes down in possibility the more you beat them.

You can also buy brains using real money.  They cost $0.99 each, although they seem to always have the 5 and 10 brain packs 20% off on the weekends making it $3.99 for 5 and $6.99 for 10.

Brain Fragments Converted to a Brain

You can also get brains by downloading other apps and collecting 100 brain fragments.  There is often free apps to download for brain fragments, so this is another free way to get brains, although you might find apps for money that you can get fragments for and you were interested in buying the app anyways, so it does not seem like a total waste of money.  Besides paying for an app that you might enjoy at least gives you more than just a brain when you use the money to just get a brain.


There are 30 different Zombie Farm achievements to unlock in the Game Center.

  1. Ready for Farmin' (25 points) - Complete the farming tutorial at the beginning of the game.
  2. Ready for Fightin' (25 points) - Complete the invasion tutorial that occurs when you do your first invasion.
  3. A Grave New World (25 points) - Collect the Blue Grave and Red Grave, which both cost brains to purchase.
  4. Easter Island (25 points) - Collect all Monoliths.  This takes a long time to do, as each Monolith costs 10 brains and brains are rare if you do not buy them with real money.
  5. Storage Galore (25 points) - Fully upgrade your storage building.
  6. Grounds Keeper (25 points) - Unlock all ground upgrades in the market.  Note that the term unlock is confusing, as you technically unlock the privilege to buy them at various levels, but unlocking them to get this achievement really means purchasing them all.  By the way they all cost brains.
  7. Mutant Parade (25 points) - Unlock all zombie mutations.  Again this is a thing that unlocks the buying privilege as you level up, but you get this achievement for purchasing all the mutations.  Most of the mutations just cost coins and only the Broccoli costs brains (2).
  8. The Farmer's Banner (25 points) - Collect Old McDonnell's rare banner.  This is awarded as an item when beating Old McDonnell in an invasion.  It is a rare random drop.
  9. The Corporate Banner (25 points) - Collect CorporateVille's rare banner.  This is a rare random drop received that can happen when you win the Zombies vs. Lawyers invasion.
  10. The Pirate's Banner (25 points) - Collect The Pirate's rare banner.  This is a rare random drop that can occur when you win the Zombies vs. Pirates invasion.
  11. The Ninja's Banner (25 points) - Collect The Ninja's banner.  Like the above three this is a rare random drop from beating an enemy.  This one can be gotten in the Zombies vs. Ninjas invasion.
  12. Hall of Banners (25 points) - Collect each enemy's banner.  This is awarded when you have received the banner from each of the game's enemies.
  13. What's Up Doc (25 points) - Harvest 1,000 carrots.  Carrots are a fast 15 minute crop and the best way to get coins and xp early on, so this is not too hard to achieve while helping you progress in the game.
  14. Green Thumb (25 points) - Have your garden zombie fertilize 100 times.  Be sure to keep a garden zombie around your farm regularly if you want this achievement along with the bonus coins you get from the fertilized crops.
  15. Rest in Peace (25 points) - Unlock the Mausoleum.  This is achieved after you piece together the rusty key and use it to unlock the Mausoleum.
  16. Veteran's Day (25 points) - All active zombies are Veterans.  This is achieved when you invade with zombies that have all invaded before.
  17. Master's Degree (25 points) - All active zombies are Masters.  This is achieved when you invade with zombies that have invaded enough to become masters (i.e. survived 5 invasions).  This can be tough to achieve, as you often lose zombies in battle and want to refill up to your max of 16 and end up with various levels of veterans.  When you get better zombies though it becomes pretty easy to keep invading with the same zombies even when they are not hungry.
  18. Zombie Invader (25 points) - Win an invasion 10 times.
  19. Zombie Ravager (25 points) - Win an invasion 25 times.
  20. Zombie Apocalypse (25 points) - Win an invasion 50 times.
  21. Do or Die (25 points) - Win an invasion after the timer expires.  This one seems impossible, as the enemies get crazy hard after the timer runs out, but if somehow the timing is right with you still having a lot of zombies and the boss almost dead it can happen that you win.
  22. Zombie's Got Talent (25 points) - Collect all the zombie abilities.  This is awarded after you unlock all the zombie abilities for each type of zombie.
  23. Minute Man (25 points) - Win an invasion in under 1 minute.
  24. A Close Fight (25 points) - Win an invasion with 1 zombie left.
  25. Zombie Domination (25 points) - Win an invasion with 2 or less zombie casualties.
  26. Perfect Game (25 points) - Win an invasion with no zombie casualties.
  27. So Vivid (25 points) - Get a Double Rainbow from enemy loot.
  28. The Biggest Loser (25 points) - Lose 10 invasions.
  29. The Rot Pack (25 points) - Win an invasion with all 6 zombie types present.  There may seem like there are more than 6 zombie types, but it is just a repeat of the same six in normal, blue, red, and combination versions.  Any mix works as long as you have one of each type.
  30. Zombie Survivor (25 points) - Have the same zombie participate in 10 invasions.

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  1. sean Says:

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  3. strategy_guide Says:

    Yes, you have to mix and match the zombies depending on which opponent you are up against.

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  7. strategy_guide Says:

    I\’m not sure if this has been fixed in revisions since this post, but if you fail at an invasion, just before the invasion is over, hold the power button on your phone and reboot. you should be able to resume the game at the point before the invasion. Might be too late for Chuck though. My sincerest condolences.

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    My very first zombie, however was Conrad, lasted up until i got blue grave, replaced him with kindleHead, sigh~

  13. N/A Says:

    LISTEN UP! The best option and set-up for all invasions would be (by type) headless, then 2 garden, next 3 strong, a garden, 3 more strong, girl, normal, girl, normal, girl, normal
    YOU SHOULD USE THIS WITH BLUE TO SPECIAL ZOMBIES, NOT GREEN, GREEN IS TOO EARLY. Green zombies are not that good for this set-up. For green zombies a headless, and then all girl zombies, easiest way, but u can do anything you want.

  14. dustytaper Says:

    I have been playing ZF for 1 1/2 years. I have everything I want on my farm except the pirate banner. I have invested in the game and am not willing to reset. I have excellent mutations and can handily finish the pirates with no losses. I have been battling him for 8 months, still no banner. Suggestions?

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    zombies unite

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    How do you get old McDonald’s barn as a decor item? Can you win it by beating him?

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    i am a level 9 and im stuck what is the best thing to do

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    I have been playing Zombie Farm for a few months now and have yet to receive a single key fragment. I am level 17 and have invaded everyone that is unlocked to me every time my zombies get hungry. Is it supposed to take this long for you to get one?

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    OMG hope u can help, at level40 and still have unopened storage and mausoleum space.What's up with that?

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