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Posted on 20 March 2010 by @strategy_guide

I will post the walk-through for Zombie Farm on the iPhone to get you up and running with plenty of gold and XP. (If you don't have it, get it. It's free!)

By the end of step one you should have 15 patches of soil, 1 zombie, 333 gold and 37XP (level 2) with onions and a garden zombie on the way (23.5 more hours). Be sure to remember to save often. The app could crash, and you wouldn't want to loose all of your hard earned zombies.

First you will want to harvest your zombie, and your tomatoes that the game starts you out with.

Begin Here

Begin Here

Then you need to plow 9 additional patches of soil, and plant carrots in all available spaces. You will now have 3 gold left, and will have to wait 15 minutes to harvest. Don't forget to save the game. (This would be a good time to catch up on Mafia Wars)

9 More Plots

9 More Plots

After harvesting all those carrots, Plow 12 additional plots of soil. You will now have 26 in total, and plant carrots again. You will have 7 gold left and 72 XP. you are just under level 3 at this point. (that's right, wait another 15 minutes).

More Carrots

More Carrots

That paid off! Before plowing the fields again, you have 487 gold.

Now you have a few options, depending on how much time you have available. You can either keep planting and harvesting carrots to build up very nice sum of gold. - you can profit 94 gold per hour this way. orĀ  you can plant 8 balanced zombies, and 8 headless zombies. Fill in the rest with tomatoes so that they will be ready for harvest at the same time. If you plant more zombies than 16 zombies, you will only harvest gold.Plan ahead and invade often. you will loose a few zombies early on, but be sure to always have 8 ready to go.

Waiting on the Zombies

Waiting on the Zombies

This step will take 4 hours. See you on the other side.

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  1. Todd Ireland Says:

    I have a question on the 3rd Mausoleum, I have the second Mausoleum and would like to but the 3rd one but see it says the key is lost for the 3rd one so does that mean the key for the first two does not work on the 3rd one, hate to but the 3rd one and my Zombies would be locked in side until I find a new key, if any one knows if I need a new key please let me know.

    Thanks Fishtodd

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