Zombie Farm iPhone – Mutation Combination’s for effective Infiltrations

Posted on 11 January 2011 by Kjersti Wasiak

The different types and mutations of the Zombies you use to infiltrate/invade in Zombie Farm can make a major difference in whether your zombies all die or you successfully infiltrate the enemy with minimal or no losses.  Each enemy is slightly different, although in all cases it usually works best to have a variety of zombie types.  However, you can be successful against the earlier bosses (especially Farmer) by just using the max amount of Mini Zombies/Zmurfs/ZomGoblins.  As you get to tougher bosses (Pirates, etc.) it becomes more important to not only use a variety of Zombies for their skills, but also take advantage of mutations.

Old McDonnell’s Farm

The Farmer likes to throw stuff at your Zombies as they approach and attack the guys with pitchforks.  The best strategy is to use fast Zombies, so you quickly have the Zombies back up your other Zombies and help beat the guys with pitchforks.  One way to do this is to use the Mini Zombies/Zmurfs/ZomGoblins, as they move quickly naturally.

You can also use more powerful Zombies with speed mutations.  For the best speed mutation combination plant zombies between carrot (+1 speed mutation) and coffee (+2 speed mutation) plants.  Since the carrot is an eye mutation and the coffee is a head mutation a Zombie planted between both has a chance of getting both mutations.

You can also try to combine the head and eye mutations with arm, hair, and/or body mutations, if you plant the Zombie touching plants that give different types of mutations, although it is not really necessary for beating the Farmer.

Zombies vs. Lawyers (unlocks Level 16)

The lawyers are tougher than the Farmer, but the lawyer seems to be less aggressive in throwing stuff down at your Zombies.  The Lawyers can also be beaten with just Mini Zombies, but you are likely to have a lot of losses and might not be successful.  However, if you use Mini Zombies with mutations you will have a better chance of winning.  Using more powerful Zombies that have longer grow times along with mutations can also make it easier to beat the Zombies.

Speed is pretty much always useful, but not entirely necessary with the lawyers.  It still does help some to have a powerful Zombie go in followed by some fast Zmurf/ZomGoblin back up.  The power and attack mutations are most useful against the Lawyers.  The best attack mutation is the Dragon Arm Mutation, which gives +4 attack, but even the lower attack/power mutations can help give you an edge over the Lawyers.

The Tomato head (+1 power) or Garlic head mutation (+3 attack) can be combined with a  Carrot Eye Mutation for some added speed along with a Turnip (+2 power) or Celery arm (+3 power) to give you a good mutation combination of attacking power and speed.

Zombies vs. Pirates (unlocks Level 21)

The Pirates are very strong and using Mini Zombies is pretty much useless even with mutations.  The Pirates can kill the Mini Zombies in one hit.  The best strategy is to use the more powerful Zombies, especially ZomBrute.  The Amazombie can also be useful because they have more speed than the other big Zombies and can provide quicker back up than the slow guys.  Send out a slow guy and then a few Amazombie followed by more of the slow, but powerful Zombies and beating the Pirates is possible.

Mutations become extremely useful to almost necessary when you take on the Pirates.  The most useful mutations for taking on the Pirates are the ones that boost life, as the Pirates slowly attack, but each hit causes a lot of damage.  By having more life your Zombies can last longer and be more effective at taking out the Zombies between hits.

The best life mutation is the Flytrap Mutation as it gives +4, since this is a neck mutation you can also combine it with the +3 life Lima Bean body mutation for maximum life, as well as the Cauli Hair Mutation for +3 more life.   Also adding a power mutation, such as the Celery Arms mutation (+3 power) is also very useful.  For a little bit of speed you could also try to a mutate a Zombie the life mutations along with a Coffee head (+2 speed) and Carrot Eye (+1 Speed).

Zombies vs. Ninjas (Unlocks Level 26)

The Ninjas are not quite as powerful as the Pirates, but they are tough and there are more of them.  The life mutation can still be helpful, but since the Ninjas do damage slower than the Pirates, you might instead want to focus on speed and power/attack mutations.

The Lima Bean body mutation that gives +3 life is still good to use against the Ninjas, as it is the only body mutation.  Try combining it with the Dragon arm mutation (+4 attack) or Celery arm mutation (+3 power) and Garlic head mutation (+3 attack) to maximize your attacking power to quickly beat the ninjas and get the boss to come down and stop putting up annoying carrots that you have to tap away.  You could also use the Cauli hair mutation (+3 life) and Flytrap neck mutation (+4 life) if you feel you need Zombies with more stamina.  A Carrot eye mutation (+1 speed) can be added for a small speed boost, too.

Using the Lima Bean Body mutation (+3 life) with the Dragon arm mutation (+4 attack), the Coffee Head (+2 speed), and Carrot Eye (+1 speed) is also a useful mutation combination against the Ninjas.  This is especially good to use with the Amazombies, as quick back up to sending out a strong ZomBrute out first.

Zombies vs. Robots (Unlocks Level 31)

There are only two robots and the boss robot to defeat, but they sure are tough.  It is not only necessary to use Zombies combined in the Zombie Pot, but also pretty important to combine mutations in order to successfully beat the Robots.   Life and Power mutations are both useful in helping beat the robots.  Make sure your Zombies are all hungry for brains or the delay of their distractions when not fully hungry can easily cause failure.  Also, do not forget to keep tapping the head in background when he lights up to avoid him zapping your Zombies dead.

A great mutation combination to send out first is a Zombarian with a Flytrap neck (+4 life), Cauli Hair (+3 life), Garlic head (+3 attack), Lima Bean Body (+3 life), and Dragon Arm (+4 attack) mutations.  This gives you a a strong Zombie that can stand the robot attack while you bring in reinforcements to help beat the robots.

Zombielocks  are good to send right after the Zombarian, as they are quick reinforcements and with the right mutations they also have good attack and life.  Use the same mutations of Flytrap neck (+4 life), Cauli hair (+3 life), Garlic head (+3 attack), Lima Bean Body (+3 life), and Dragon Arm (+4 attack) for Zombielocks.  You might also want to add a little extra speed with a Carrot Eye (+1 speed).

Robo Zombies are good secondary reinforcements, as their laser eyes attack as they approach the enemies.  They will do more damage and last longer with the Flytrap neck (+4 life), Cauli hair (+3 life), Garlic head (+3 attack), Lima Bean Body (+3 life), and Dragon Arm (+4 attack) mutations.  Speed mutation is not really useful for them, as it will limit how much laser damage they do as they approach.  Party Zombies with the same mutations as far as what they take (i.e. no head or hair mutations) are also quite useful.

Zombees are also very useful to use when battling the Robots, as they heal your Zombies as they battle and also once per battle can bring a Zombie back to life.  Life mutations are the most useful for the Zombees to keep them alive healing your other Zombies as long as they can.  Combine the Flytrap neck (+4 life), Cauli hair (+3 life), Lima Bean Body (+3 life), and Potatohead (+2 life) for the best Zombees.

17 Comments For This Post

  1. J Says:

    You have a lot of incorrect information here. E.g. flytrap mutation is neck, not head/hair/body, how much things boost stats… and there’s pretty much no reason not to max out all your zombies. Headless (party) zombies are crucial for keeping everyone else alive, and as damage sponges. Bad review.

  2. Kjersti Wasiak Says:

    I did not realize the flytrap was not hair, as I had not had any success getting a Zombie to have a cauli mutation and flytrap mutation. Now that you mentioned it I did some extensive testing growing Zombies next to both and finally did achieve both mutations and now it seems to happen all the time successfully for me. I have updated the guide to reflect that it is a neck mutation.

    I agree that headless can be useful and I do sometimes use them, but other strategies work too. However, at the same time a combination without them in the party can still be successful, as I mostly beat the Robots with no Party Zombies in my group.

  3. Cilla Says:

    What about the imp zombies and how many zombee flowers should I send in? I usually send three with the ninjas, but it looks as though I need more fighting for this level.

  4. Kjersti Wasiak Says:

    I do not use small zombies past the Lawyer levels. I find it better to use more powerful zombies such as Party Zombies, Zombarians, Zombielocks, and Robo Zombies. In particular, I tend to prefer Zombarians and Robo Zombies, but I usually have at least one of each kind except Imp when I invade. I usually use 2 Zombees. Try maximizing on life mutations if you are having trouble. Also, make sure you always go with the max of 16 total zombies.

  5. Cilla Says:

    One more question… The party zombie ONLY will take the Lima bean, dragon fruit and one more. Can anyone tell me how else to get a party zombie with two mutations like this guide states we can do? All head and hair mutations will NOT work and I have tried everyone of them. You can only pick one body, one arm and one neck. the head, eye, and hair does NOT take on these. Did anyone else notice that? Almost level 32 and rebuilt my army. That’s the last one I can’t get beyond three. Also, you may want to add the Cupid zombie information since it is available and really cool to fight with. Thanks for any help on the party zombie!!!

  6. Cilla Says:

    Ok party zombie only take; fly trap for neck, Lima bean for body, and dragon fruit for arm. That’s IF you want the max on those parts of the body rather than using the lower ones like celery or turnips etc. It’s the head and hair that doesn take or eye? Any help on that in the guide? It states to build them like the robo zombie but really I’ve tried for days. ;( definitely should update the guide with the new updates in the game.

  7. Kjersti Wasiak Says:

    Sorry, for the confusion on the Party Zombies. I knew they did not take the head, hair, and eye mutations, but poorly worded that part of the guide to reflect that. Hopefully, how I just edited it makes it less confusing.

  8. kory Says:

    I appreciate the work and time you put into this. If other people think they could put a better guide together then do it. This is by far one of the best ones I have seen. Thanks for taking the time to make the game less frustrating.

  9. Kruegon Says:

    I have been working extensively with my recent invasions. This has been my most successful system against both the pirates and the ninjas. I take the "tanks to the front door" approach with "medics standing by". My current army is 11 Zombarians (Flytrap, Cauli, Bean, Dragon, Garlic) and 5 Zombees (Flytrap, Cauli, Bean, Coffee). For some reason I cannot get the carrot mutation to take on my Zombees. It took MANY Zombie Pot combinings to successfully get all zombies to have all the mutations. I must have put 200 Zombrutes through it to get 11 with exactly all 5 mutations at once. The success rate here is that although slow the Zombarians are brutal. Should the enemy get lucky and kill one, the Zombees ressurect them. Never lost more than 3 and I have 5 ressurections standing by. Can't wait for the robots.

  10. Siege Says:

    The Carrot Eye is the same slot as hair so if you have Broc or Cauli no carrot. My current setup is 1 Party Zombie(Headless), 3 Zombees(Healers), 6 Zombarians (I prefer Coffee Bean head over Garlic), 6 Imp Zombies(Mini). I send in the Party Zombie, then 3 Zombarians (with Imps on their backs), 3 Zombees, the the last 3 Zombrarians(With Imps again). Also in my Maloselum I have 3 More Zombees and 6 more Zombarians which I rotate out to attack twice as often. Since the Party Zombie is the lead attacker it does not matter that he is slow to get started. Also the Imps ride in so they don't need to be hungry either. I'm currently holding at 26th level vs Ninjas which I can blow through 6 times a day, with no losses. I have never bought brains or even synced with facebook, but have collected plently of brains. Super fast farming is probably the only Monolith worth buying and the only one I currently own, although I might get the all mutations successful next.

  11. brandon Says:

    I am level26 and i am battling the ninjas though i only have one mutation. i can beat the ninjas easily

  12. Albert Chan Says:

    I have been level 40 (max) for more than 6 months & achieved full score for the game centre. No more objective for me actually. It will be better to have more level rather than 40. Please advice. – Albert Chan

  13. Wattleninja Says:

    Honestly the best army i believe and this works best with combined zombies but i will just explain it as my zombies as normal (green) is 3 garden zombies cauliflower, potato, flytrap, bean and dragon fruit. The rest of the mutations apply to all other zombies 3 headless, 2 zombumpkins, 3 girl, 3 regular zombies (balanced fighter) and 2 mini zombies cauliflower, garlic, flytrap, bean and dragon fruit. I chose this army because all the abilities later on boost all the other zombies so everything is in sync. (later on i mean combined zombies)

  14. Michael Pitkin Says:

    I got free skullhead zombuterfly zomvicing zombies

  15. Michael Pitkin Says:

    Do any one know how to make more special zombies

  16. S.Tomas Says:

    I can see most of u r serious players. My question is , Am I wasting my time tapping on the items thrown by the various main characters? Sometimes it seems to help deflect the items other times I'm not so sure….

  17. Heather Schwenck Says:

    Has anyone ever had a "crazy zombie"?! And if so, do you remember who you combined to get one? Thanks- that and the Cupid zombie are the only ones I never had.

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