Time Crisis 2nd Strike HD

Posted on 21 January 2011 by kathydpaulin

Time Crisis 2nd Strike HD is a rail shooter game for iPad.  It is a sequel to the earlier release Time Crisis Strike.  The game starts with a V.I.P. rescue where the director of DARPA is kidnapped.  The mission is to rescue the director.  The game allows you to move from one location to another.  You need to terminate all the hostile forces around you.

The game also offers both touch and tilt controls.  Upon arrival at the location you automatically get into a covered position.  You need to come out first before you can shoot.  Tapping and holding the bottom control buttons lets you fire on your enemies.  Enemies may leap and roll from anywhere so you need to have fast reflexes.  The handgun only has nine rounds so you will need to reload the gun.

The default weapon for this game is the handgun.  However, you are given the option to choose from any other weapons.  Other weapons include: machine gun, shotgun and grenade.  The handgun can be reloaded endlessly while the other weapons are limited in ammunition.  You will encounter tough enemies that are more resilient as you move forward to higher levels which makes the game more exciting.

The Time Crisis 2nd Strike HD is quite similar to the iPhone counterpart but it is more fun to play with the iPad.  The iPhone version starts as a lite version with just the Prologue.  The game's graphics and sound effects are good.  And the game as a whole works well and offers exciting and rapid adventure.

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