The Last of Us – Official Strategy Guide

Posted on 10 July 2013 by @strategy_guide

With a variety of Awards already announced for The Last of Us, there's a clear reason why so many people are talking about it. A compelling story, a vibrant environment, emotional ties with the characters you travel with - these elements make up an awesome tale which you will want to experience again and again.

The Last Of Us Official Strategy Guide

The strategy guide is a welcome addition to anyone walking out into the post-apocalyptic world with Joel and Ellie, as there are many areas to explore and secrets to discover.
The strategy guide itself gives a minimal backstory to the characters you will be venturing out with, wanting you to discover what lays ahead, if you use it at the right time. It starts you off with your basic controls, looking at how Joel uses this desolate environment to his advantage, before teaching you how to face off against your enemies - the deadly infected and other, less friendly humans.

This is where the strategy guide come to the 'Enemies' chapter. Joel and Ellie will face off against a variety of different baddies in the post-apocalyptic cities, from baseline newly infected types to those stronger and fiercer which may prove to be a challenge - the strategy guide will give you the support that you need, so you can make the tactical decisions when it comes to dealing with even the most dire situations. Accompanied with stunning artwork and descriptions for each enemy, the guide is a real aid to any fan of the game wanting to peer behind the ideas of each individual bad guy.

Another string to the guide's bow is how it delves into the collectibles of the game. Each chapter in The Last of Us features a variety of hidden items, from pills to boost your skills, to scraps and junk which can be fashioned into upgrades for your weapons or that much needed medi-kit right when you need it. The guide details every singles item and its location in the game excellently, making sure that you never miss a moment and are always sufficiently topped up for your next encounter.

The walkthrough section provides every single element of the game, from where and when you meet new characters to when are where you find tutorials, weapons, etc. The strategy guide has a variety of detailed maps of where you are going to be going through, so you will always have a heads up just in case you were worried about wandering into the unknown. One great thing is that the guide points you in the direction of certain dialogues between Joel and Ellie. As we find out, Ellie was seemingly born into this world of infection, where Joel was pushed into it - the walkthrough helps the characters develop at points where you would miss if you weren't using the strategy guide. Helpfully, the walkthrough will pinpoint this for you, with the use of a variety of images taken directly from the game.

All in all, with the engrossing text, the artwork and the screenshots, this official strategy guide delivers itself as a uniquely helpful companion in which it aids the player in finding out what happened to us all, in The Last of Us.

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