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Posted on 13 October 2011 by Kjersti Wasiak

The 2nd world of Spy Mouse has 12 levels (11 regular plus a boss level).  The basic concept of the game is to draw lines to guide the mouse to get all the cheese and then exit through the mouse door in the level.  There are various obstacles to deal with such as cats.  Each level has three ribbons to earn.  The badges can be earned on different plays.

World 2-1 Run For Your Life

  1. Don't Get Spotted
  2. Only 2 Paths
  3. Only 1 Mouse Hole

To not get spotted go for the cheeses when the cats on the sides are sleeping and avoid the cat by exit by exiting green mouse hole just as he turns away from the one you want to exit.  If you get the cheeses and enter green mouse hole in one path, then you can get the only 2 paths one by then going to exit in the 2nd path.  This will also get you the only 1 Mouse Hole ribbon, although this could happen with more paths, too.

World 2-2 Tune In. Drop Out

  1. Don't Get Spotted
  2. Within 00:20
  3. All Cheese Crumbs

To not get spotted you need to quickly go between the cats and straight to TV just as they pass each other.  Get the cheeses and then head to the exit to easily beat within 00:20 if you did not spend much time waiting to cut through to the TV.  For the cheese crumbs you need to go out the door, collect all the crumbs and come back inside.

World 2-3 Mind Control

  1. Don't Get Spotted
  2. Only 3 Paths
  3. Within 00:40

To not get spotted, head up to the TV as the right cat starts up on the right side of his path.  To avoid the left cat go behind him on his path as he is going down the left side.  Then get the cheese on the bottom and go out to the exit or to get the other cheese if you did not get it already.  To do in less than three paths, you can use first to go up to TV, the second to wait near the left cat, and the third to go behind left cat, get the cheeses, and head to exit.  It really is even possible to do this in one path.  If you can be efficient and not wait long to get past left cat, you can do the level within 00:40.

World 2-4 Snack Time

  1. Within 00:25
  2. Both Cats Hit the Wall
  3. Don't Get Spotted

To get all the ribbons for this level you will need to play at least twice, as 2 and 3 are basically opposite tasks.  To get the cats to hit the wall you need to get spotted and then run behind one of the walls coming out so the cat will run into wall when trying to follow you.  This works best by getting spotted and then scurrying into a mouse hole for protection.  Also, use the mouse holes to keep from getting spotted for the 3rd ribbon.  To get it quickly for the first ribbon, it works best to get the triangle cheeses to the safe and then exit with the block cheeses, which seem to make you move much slower.  The exit is closer to mouse holes, though, so you can more easily escape the cats when going slow.

World 2-5 Three Blind Cats

  1. All Cheese Crumbs
  2. Only 3 Paths
  3. 3 Pair Combos

The blind cats in this level will not spot you, but you can still end up in trouble if you run too close to them.  To get all the cheese crumbs you must go out the crack in the top right corner and pick up all the cheese crumbs in the room you end up in.  Getting it done in just three paths is not too difficult to get along with the 3 Pair Combos ribbon.  Just go to safe with 2 cheeses twice and then the exit with the last two cheeses.  However, you end up with at least four paths if you go for cheese crumbs.

World 2-6 Pair of Pairs

  1. 2 Pair Combos
  2. Within 00:40
  3. All Cheese Crumbs

To get the 2 Pair Combos, pick up the cheese in bottom left and the top right room and take them to safe and then get the other cheeses using the fake mouse for the mouse trap and take to exit.  If done quickly, you will also get the 00:40 ribbon.  To get all the cheese crumbs go through the crack in wall in bottom right corner of the top right room.

World 2-7 Three of a Kind

  1. Within 00:20
  2. Don't Get Spotted
  3. Only 1 Path

To get under 00:20 and do the level in only one path, start by going down for the fake mouse.  Next go up to the cheeses in middle of room.  Then go down to the one in the mouse trap as the cat is moving past it to the right.  Then high tail it to the exit.  You will probably get spotted, so just do the level cautious and slow to get the Don't Get Spotted ribbon.

World 2-8 He Who Hides. Wins

  1. Don't Get Spotted
  2. Within 00:20
  3. Without Furniture

This level can be hard to do without using the armchair, at least if you want to also get the 00:20 ribbon and/or Don't Get Spotted ribbon.  The best bet is to try to go slow and cautious including using armchair to avoid being spotted.  You could also be successful enough to get the under 00:20 with that method.  To beat without furniture, you might need to go somewhat slow and use the safe and the walls to avoid being spotted.

World 2-9 Storm in a Teacup

  1. Don't Get Spotted
  2. Only 1 Path
  3. Only 1 Teacup

To use only one teacup and one path, use the teacup in bottom right and go to the bottom cheese, then up to the cheese in top right and then go to exit grabbing cheese by it.  Be sure to not hit the cats in their path, but otherwise they will not notice you until possibly when you are about to exit and tea cup power wears off.  You might need to use multiple tea cups to avoid getting spotted and end up with the Don't Get Spotted ribbon.

World 2-10 On the Prowl

  1. Don't Get Spotted
  2. 3 Triple Combos
  3. Without Teacups or Chillies

It is possible to get all the ribbons for this level on the same try.  Grab cheese by running between mouse holes when the cat is not going to see you.  When you have three go to the safe or in the case of the last triple combo head to the exit.  Make sure you do not go near the teacup and chili if you do not want to use them and get the ribbon.  This level is partly about patience and planning dashes.

World 2-11 Take a Weight Off

  1. Don't Get Spotted
  2. Without Balloons
  3. Within 00:20

To avoid getting spotted and get the other ribbons, start by heading up to the cheese in the top left when the cats are all facing to the right.  Then dash across to get the other cheese when the cats will still not spot you.  Then avoid the cats similarly when coming to the exit.  However, without the balloon relieving the weight of the cheese to allow you to run regular speed it can be pretty hard to avoid being spotted, but if you can get the chili on way to exit you might be successful.

World 2-Boss Knives & Forks

In the beginning of the Boss level you must stay out of the white cat's sight line.  It is pretty simple with the many mouse holes to duck into and other things to hide behind.  You can also just stick behind the cat and follow it to big door, except near the end you need to make sure you do not get spotted by the other cats.  They can easily be avoided when they sleep for a bit at the end of their paths.

In the second part you must move around to avoid getting hit by knives, forks, and spoons.  You want to try to get them to end up hitting the blue switches that move along the sides of the room.  Once both get hit, a blue bolt of electricity crosses the room and the boss is beat when it runs into it.  Grab the big red cheese and exit the level through the big red door.

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    Spy mouse world 3

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    Thank you

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    I've got all the ribbons in every level, but when I complete the boss (world2), its says I only have 33/36 goals, I'm confused, is there supposed t e a secre level I don't know about??

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    You're not much help with the walkthroughs… By saying its not too difficult, just get the cheese and exit, thats the objective, thats not much help.

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    Can anyone post a video on snack time level 2-4?

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