Spy Mouse Walkthrough – World 1

Posted on 11 September 2011 by Kjersti Wasiak

The first world of Spy Mouse has 12 levels (11 regular plus a boss level).  The basic concept of the game is to draw lines to guide the mouse to get all the cheese and then exit through the mouse door in the level.  There are various obstacles to deal with such as cats.  Each level has three ribbons to earn.  The badges can be earned on different plays.

World 1-1 Cheese!

  1. Score 95
  2. Only 1 Path
  3. Within 00:05

In the first level you just have to draw a line to get the cheese and exit.  There is a dotted line on the screen to show you what to do.  The faster you go the more time bonus you get, which helps you get the score 95 ribbon.  The second ribbon just requires you to complete the level with one line.  One line means you do not lift your finger at all when you draw the line from the mouse through the cheese to the exit.  Getting the final ribbon is also easy, just do draw the path right away and you will reach the exit in under 5 seconds.

World 1-2 Pussy Cat Patrol

  1. Don't Get Spotted
  2. Only 1 Path
  3. Within 0:10

In this level you first learn about avoiding cats.  The cats follow a dotted path that you can see.  Stay out of their sight and you will be fine.  Start your line of to the cheese and then to the exit just as the cat is in front of the room with the cheese.  This will allow you to arrive after the cat is out of the way, so you do not get spotted, get the level done in one path, and hopefully right at under 10 seconds.

World 1-3 Double Trouble

  1. Don't Get Spotted
  2. Only 1 Path
  3. Within 0:10

The only 1 path and within 0:10 ribbons are pretty easy to get on the same attempt.  Wait until the right side cat is just passing the cheese.  Then draw a path to go up then down the middle to the cheese and up from the bottom to the door.  You might be able to pull it off without getting spotted, but the right hand cat usually sees you.  To get the Don't Get Spotted one you can take it slowly using one path to the cheese and then another to the exit that keeps you from getting spotted as you go.

World 1-4 Catch Me if You Can

  1. Only 1 Path
  2. Cat Hits the Wall
  3. Score 100

Just follow the on screen instructions and you will pretty much get get the Cat Hits the Wall ribbon no problem.  You might need a few tries, though, so you know to go to the right, then back around the wall to the cheese and exit in one path.  Also, you need to do the level quickly to get enough time bonus for the 100 points ribbon.

World 1-5 Pass the Pounce

  1. Cat Hits the Wall
  2. Only 1 Path
  3. Within 00:22

Go up to the top of the room to get the little pieces of cheese, then go to the big cheese and then loop down and up back to the exit.  The cat will pounce and should hit the wall at least once when you follow this path.  You should also finish in under 22 seconds.

World 1-6 Cheesy Does It

  1. Don't Get Spotted
  2. Only 1 Path
  3. Within 0:12

The Only 1 Path and under 12 seconds can be gotten by going up from the bottom to the cheese and then down and over to the exit.  You might get spotted by the second cat, though.  The Don't Get Spotted ribbon is easiest to get if you end up waiting right below the entrance to the room with the exit.  Enter that room when the cat is going towards the top, so you avoid getting spotted.  This method takes time and two paths, though, but less frustrating and for many will be way less time consuming than trying to do it all in one attempt.

World 1-7 Sleepy Walkover

  1.  Don't Get Spotted
  2. Only 1 Path
  3. All Cheese Crumbs

Not getting spotted in this level is actually quite easy, as the cat falls asleep when it reaches the bottom of its path.  Draw a path to the cheese and to the exit and you can get the first two ribbons.  The third ribbon requires you to grab the cheese crumbs inside, go through the crack in the bottom corner, and then get all the crumbs outside.  Come back inside and complete the level (have to get big cheese at some point).

World 1-8 Mouse Holes

  1. Don't Get Spotted
  2. Only 3 Paths
  3. Within 00:10

Path 1 is from start to the mouse hole.  Path two should be straight to cheese and back to mouse hole.  Path 3 is from mouse hold to exit.  If you go as fast as you can, you should be done in under 10 seconds.    If you are having trouble also not getting spotted, wait in mouse hole until cat is about up to cheese and then draw quick path to cheese and back to mouse hole.  You need to get back in mouse hole before the cat makes the turn at the top to avoid being spotted.

World 1-9 Fake Mouse

  1. Don't Get Spotted
  2. Only 2 Paths
  3. Score 80

Go up to the blue hole up on the top first.  If you do this right at the start, you can draw the bottom cat up, so he will be out of way to easily finish with 2nd path.  Then grab the fake mouse, go through the mouse trap, and down to the exit for the second path.  Make sure you do not accidentally go to the red hole (it goes nowhere, but stops your path).  Do it fast to get enough time bonus to score over 80.  Obviously, this strategy does not get you the first ribbon.  That can be gotten by going up to the blue hole while the cats are going off to the left.  Grab fake mouse, then go back into the blue hole.  Go out of the hole and down to the mouse trap and exit when the cats are going to left again.

World 1-10 Two by Two

  1. Don't Get Spotted
  2. Only 3 Paths
  3. Within 00:20

You can get all three in the same try on this level pretty simply.  The cats will fall asleep when they get to the end of their dotted path.  At beginning quickly go over to the blue door.  Then go across to red door grabbing cheese on the way.  Then in one path go up to cheese and over to exit (back by where you started).  If you do it fast, you will not get spotted and will be under 20 seconds.

World 1-11 Born to Run

  1. Don't Get Spotted
  2. Only 4 Paths
  3. All Cheese Crumbs

The All Cheese Crumbs and Don't Get Spotted ribbons can easily be gotten on same try.  The 4 paths cannot be gotten with the cheese crumbs one because of the extra path you go on outside to get them all.  To do in 4 paths first go to blue hole.  Then go to get the fake mouse when the cat is going down past it.  When the cat is going up, go over to the cheese in top right and go into the yellow hole.  Then go through mouse trap for the cheese and to the exit as fourth path.

World 1-Boss Grate Expectations

In the first part of the boss level you must keep from getting spotted.  Mostly you just stay behind the cat without ending up stuck going off the screen.  This part is pretty simple.  The hard part comes when you get to the sort of maze room.

You need to lead the cat in the vehicle to end up crashing in to the wall in top right corner.  Get him to keep going on the path by running in front of him and into a mouse hole.   Pop out of another hole further along and go to next mouse hole so he sees you and keeps going.  On the top it is probably easiest to pop out and back in the farthest right mouse hole.  After he crashes a big red cheese appears.  Grab it and then you can go out the exit in top right corner.

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