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Posted on 05 September 2010 by Kjersti Wasiak

Basic Controls

  • Virtual Stick - In the bottom left hand corner of the screen is a joystick type control to move Spider-Man around in the levels.  It is a little awkward to use at first, especially if you are used to tilting controls on the iPhone.  If you are having a lot of trouble getting used to it, you might want to adjust the V-stick sensitivity in the Options menu.
  • Normal Attack - The normal punch attack button is in the middle of the three buttons on the bottom right hand side of the screen.  Tap this to attack enemies.  It even automatically moves you towards nearby enemies, so you do not have to try to use the joystick to move near enemies before attacking for the most part.
  • Web Skills - This is the farthest left of the buttons on the bottom right of the screen.  Tap this to use web skills.
  • Jump and Web Swing - This is the farthest right button in the set of three buttons on the bottom right hand of screen.  Use this to jump and do web swings.  Tapping once makes Spidey jump and tapping twice in a row shoots out web to do a short swing.
  • Spider-Sense - This is a lightening bolt symbol that pops up occasionally on the bottom left of the screen while in battle.  Quickly tap it before it disappears and you will avoid or counter an attack.
  • Special Symbol - These are red bubbles with exclamation points in them.  They appear at various times for different tasks.  One of the main recurring task is freeing a hostage.  Tap the red exclamation button to find out what you have to do (sometimes you only have to tap it and task is complete, such as when flipping switches).

  • Quick Time Events - These events happen for different reasons such as dodging, attacking, or recovering from a fall.  The symbol is a purplish blue spider circle and you have to slide it in the direction shown on the screen quickly after it pops up.  One common occurrence is using it to recover from a fall.  If you do not do it quickly enough, you are put at the same location as if you recovered, but you lose some health.
  • Camera - The red camera button pops up in the bottom left of the screen for short moments while you are battling bosses.  Quickly tap it and take a photo of your battle to later see in the Extras menu.
  • Ultimate Web Combo - Collect red orbs to fill up the web power gauge in the top left of the screen under your health meter.  When it is full it starts flashing red and you can tap it to activate the ultimate web combo, which is especially useful against bosses.
  • Slide - To slide on ropes and pipes simply walk onto them.  You can jump up to avoid obstacles and collect items while on them.  You can also use the virtual stick to jump right or left off what you are sliding on.
  • Wall Crawl - To crawl on a wall you simply walk up to the wall.  Them use the virtual stick to move around and the jump button to jump over gaps.
  • Long Web Swing - You can do a long web sling with you see a blue x symbol.  Just use the jump button to sling web and use the long swing.


As you play through the levels of Spider-Man: Total Mayhem you can collect little book items that have a Spider-Man face on them.  These are called artwork and each unlocks an image that can be seen in the Extras menu.  Some of the artwork is easily found, while others are hidden off the normal path you would take or inside boxes and other things you can destroy with punches.  There is a total of 150 to collect. If you have the iPhone 4, you will be blown away by the artwork in this game thanks to Retina!

Level 1: Sand in Your Face

In this level you work your way through the city to catch and fight Sandman.  As you begin the level you will encounter the different scenarios that reoccur during the game to teach you how to do the necessary actions to get through the levels.  Basically it is a tutorial level, but it is also well-done to be the beginning of the game's storyline.

For the most part this level tells you what is coming up and what to do, but it is kind of surprising to suddenly notice things falling down on you while you do your first web crawl up  a building, as there is no warning about watching out for the stuff.  Make sure you get in the habit of looking up at the top of the screen for any falling objects while climbing up buildings starting with your first web crawl.

At the end of the level you face the first boss, Sandman.  You can beat him just by going crazy with punches and hitting the Spider Sense Lightening bolt when it pops up to avoid attack and do counterattacks.  However, you can also punch two pipes and a fire hydrant (all three marked with blue x's when you near them) and cause water to come bursting out which can help a little in beating him.

Level 2: Rhino-Serious Rampage

Rhino Throwing Cars at Spider-Man

Near the beginning of this level you have to dodge cars to get near rhino.  He throws them at you no matter where you are so, be ready to dodge to the side and move back to middle before he throws next one in order to have room to dodge to side again.

When you get near Rhino throwing the cars at you, Rhino runs off and you have to chase him.  At this point you should just ignore the other enemies you encounter and keep on Rhino's tail.  If you get too far behind you will have to start the chase over.  There is a gauge that appears on top of screen to show how close you are behind Rhino.

Once you catch up to Rhino you follow him through a building.  There is a wall crawling and jumping part soon after.  Be sure to watch out for falling stuff while wall crawling and avoid the areas of the building on fire.

Inside the bank building you have to defeat a few groups of enemies before you end up facing Rhino.  The boss battle with Rhino begins in the bank, but continues on a rooftop after Rhino throws Spider-Man through a wall and then ends on the ground when Spider-Man pushes Rhino off the roof.  The main special move that happens in this boss battle is Rhino getting a hold of Spider-Man.  Quickly tap the Spider-Man symbol that appears to get out of Rhino's hold.

Level 3: Eletric Boogaloo

In this level you are introduced to electric spots to avoid.  The first electric spots you encounter are parts of the floor turning electric for a short period.  Before the electricity becomes active the floor turns red for a few seconds.  Move to an unlit area quickly to avoid getting hurt.  You will have to battle some groups of enemies in areas with spots varying where the electricity is.  They are not hurt by the electricity and sometimes it is hard to lure them out of those areas, but you can attack them with your web attack while staying safe on the non-electric part of the floor.

There is also electricity on the ladders you climb in this level.  The areas are red in color and will go on for a short amount of time and then go off long enough for you to quickly clear them.  Be careful near them, as even getting close to the red can hurt you.  Some of the electric areas on later ladders do not shut off.  These are where there are multiple ladders next to each other.  Jump between the ladders to avoid the electricity and continue going up.

The wires also have some parts that are electric.  Simply jump over these parts when you get near them.

The last style of electric areas encountered is on platforms.  The electric platforms also light up red before the electricity burst.  Some platforms alternate areas that are lit up.

There is no boss at end of this level.  You just fight two mighty men to complete this level.

Level 4: Koo Koo Katchoo, Electric Boogaloo 2

In this level you beat a set of enemies at the beginning and two areas open up (one to the right and one to the left), but the area straight ahead remains blocked by electric lines.  You have to go down the paths to both the left and right before the path straight ahead is opened.  It does not matter which order you do it.

To the left you will encounter fans that you have to jump through the gaps of in order to get to the platforms.  Avoid the fans with electricity.  You will encounter some fans spinning while you walk along pipes.  Instead of trying to jump through the gaps, you can walk through them.  Jumping off the pipes to avoid the fans often ends up with you falling.  At the end of the path is a control panel with an exclamation point.  Tap the exclamation point to undo half the electric blocking the path back in the first room and you will be sent back to that room.

There are also fan blades to the right.  These ones you can jump on top of.  Simply use them as platforms to get continue on the path to the control panel.  The control panel comes after a set of electric platforms that line up with electricity active half at a time.

After you unlock the path straight ahead you go through to face Electro.  Electro performs various electrical attacks.  Avoid the electricity and attack him while he is recovering between attacks.  The style of attacks include jumping over electric lines that spin around Electro.  Sometimes these lines are steady.  When they are steady you can flip the switches where they are connected to turn them off and then attack Electro.

Level 5: Symbiotic Relationships

Black venom begins to appear in this level.  Avoid these areas as they will cause you damage, although it is minimal per instance.

In this level when you wall climb you will begin to face enemies on the walls.  Use your punch attack to kick them if they are below you or punch if they are above or next to you.  Sometimes the enemies will jump on to you.  Escape by quickly tapping the Spider-Man symbol that appears.

When crossing bridges between buildings watch out for venom spikes that come up.  Cross quickly through where they are when they go down.

There are also venom spikes to watch out for when climbing walls.  They come across the clear path from the venom blobs.  Quickly pass through the area after they retreat.

There is no boss at end of this level either level.  There are just a few robots to defeat.

Level 6: Spewing Venom

This level has more instances of avoiding venom as you go through the level such as when wall climbing and crossing bridges between buildings.  Sometimes it is more effective to jump over the spots as they pop up, since they quickly reappear after disappear.

The bridge over the river collapses as you cross it.  Be ready to jump over cracks that appear and pay close attention to their location, so you can avoid them next time if you fall and have to go back to the beginning of the bridge.  There are some gaps that you have to web swing to get across them.

In the middle of the bride you encounter Eddie/Venom as the boss.  Defeat him to beat the level.

Level 7: Loco-Motive Crazy Train

In this level climb to the top of a building avoiding the venom spots as you climb.  At the top there are big spots of venom that you have to double jump over.  There are enemies up there that mostly end up in the venom, but you can just entirely avoid them.

There is a bridge to cross over a venom pit.  Avoid the venom spikes that pop up, as they will knock you off into the venom pit, which counts as a fall that sends you back to beginning of the bridge.

On the subway tracks you need to watch out for trains, as they will knock you out quite easily.  There are lights on the left and right of the tracks.  They light up green when the train is coming.  In the first subway track area you just move over to the track the train is not on.

On the second set of Subway tracks, the trains come at same time and you have to move into little alcoves off to the side of the tracks.  The alcoves alternate the side of the tracks they are on with the first one being on the right.

At the end of the level you fight Eddie/Venom again as this level's boss on top of a Subway train.  He sends venom spikes and waves of venom at you.  Move side to side to avoid the spikes and jump over the waves of venom.  Dodge the venom attacks to get closer to Venom and attack him.

Level 8: Behind the Octo-Ball

In this level there are different orange lasers to avoid.  Some are stationary poles and some are moving poles.  Move around them to avoid them damaging Spider-Man's health.  There are also ones on the ground that you need to jump over.  Some of the ones on the ground also move.

There are also lasers that come down from some of the web swing points.  Time your web slinging so that you avoid running into the lasers when they are on.

In this level you will encounter exploding flying ball enemies for the first time.  It is easiest to destroy them with web attacks.

There is no boss in this level.  Instead you fight off a big enemy attack as you ride a big platform down.

Level 9: Octo-Rama

In this level Spider-Man is being followed by a wall of lasers.  Keep running ahead avoiding boxes blocking your path and jumping over gaps as fast as you can to not allow the lasers to catch up to you.

At the end of the level you fight the boss, Dr. Octopus.  Avoid the lasers he sends down at Spidey by running away from them and then being at center as they move outwards.  The lasers on the ground can be avoided by jumping over them when they get near you.  As usual, attack Dr. Octopus between his laser attacks.

Level 10: South Bronx Brawl

You start by climbing up a building that has venom to avoid.  From the top of the building you will web swing three times and end up on the top of a building.  This building collapses as you move along it.  Use the similar strategy as on bridge in level 6 of jumping over gaps and paying attention to what parts fall in case you fall and have to try again.

When you first start sliding on the subway train tracks there are subways to avoid.  Pay attention to the green lights on the side to avoid the side where the subway is coming.

At the end of the level there is not a boss, but it is a semi-major red robot enemy, but it does not do any special moves.

Level 11: Mutant Double-Header

This level is simply just a series of battles on arena platforms with several enemies per battle.  The final battle is the semi-boss that was also at end of level 10.

Level 12: Gobby Gobby Hey!

In this level you swing through the city to make your way to fight the final boss of the game, the Green Goblin.  You partly get through the city by swinging on normal swing points, but there are also exclamation point boosts to keep you from falling when it is far between swings.

As you fight Green Goblin avoid attacking him when he is on fire and dodge his attacks.  Run around to avoid the fireballs he throws at you.  Jump to avoid the waves of fire that appear from the fireballs he throws straight down at Spider-Man.

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