Sentinel 3: Homeworld

Posted on 02 December 2010 by kathydpaulin


The first ever Sentinel game was released during the time when tower defense wasn't such a big hit.  Now the tower defense game platform has been creating a ruckus in the gaming world.  The platform provided classic tower defense game play, great graphics and high frame rates.  The Sentinel 2 was able to introduce new things such as orbital weaponry and new defense strategy like the repair drones and energy drones.  This game 'Sentinel 3: Homeworld' takes the tower defense game platform to a higher level.

This game is a classic tower defense game with a dash of role playing.  It has the components of depth, action, strategy and challenging game plays all packed into one.  The setup of the game inherited some installments in the past.  Sentinel 3 offers customization options allowing you to acquire new units with special abilities.

Upgrades also go beyond the individual units.  It also applies to experience and credits earned for the towers.  The game is all about building up the commander and upgrading through each level.  Each success will raise the commander's level through experience points.  With each level up the four attributes can then be leveled up as well.  The commander's abilities include: repairing drones, rage mode and jet jumping around the map.

Sentinel 3 gives you one of the most surprising deep tower defense experience.



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