Plants vs. Zombies

Posted on 21 August 2010 by kathydpaulin

Are you ready to play the famous Plants vs. Zombies game in your iPad?  Well, you better brace yourself because you’ll definitely be hooked with this fun game.  PopCap introduced a Multi-Touch adaptation of the game.

Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense game which brags charm and adventure in its gameplay.  It perfectly blends interesting elements in the game.  If you are quite unfamiliar with the game, here is a quick review of how the game works. Adventurous zombies are about to eat your brain and invade your home.  To stop them from making mayhem you must create a strong defense with 49 different kinds of zombie-killing plants.  There are about 26 kinds of zombies with varying skills that will test your line of defense.  It also tests your strategic skills since you will be the one to figure out which plants work best in a given situation.

The backyard is divided in six rows, and the zombies attack each lane.  Varying kinds of zombies will attack each lane.  The concept behind PvZ is really simple and, in fact, it might seem a bit too easy when you first play it.   However, as you progress through the levels the challenge begins.  More zombies will attack your defense with greater skills.  If you complete each level in PvZ you will be able to unlock items and new plants.  These rewards are very essential in keeping your defense at bay.

What’s good about PvZ is the availability of gameplays.  Levels may occur during night time or day time which greatly affects the performance of the plants.  There are also other gameplays that you can enjoy if you have unraveled it by completing previous levels.  Mini-games, puzzles and survival mode are among the other gameplays.  PvZ allows you to discover new things each time you complete a level.  This is what keeps players hooked up.  It gives you the chance to grow with your game.

One element that keeps a game interesting is its soundtrack.  And PvZ has one catchy soundtrack,which will give you a last song syndrome (LSS).  The sound gets more intense as enemies flood your backyard.  PopCap made a great job in creating games that let you skip meals, sleep and tasks.  They did a good job in creating Bejewelled and made a better job in creating Plants vs. Zombies.

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