Posted on 18 June 2011 by @strategy_guide

If you are like me, then you love zombies. Technically, I don't love zombies, but I love the genre. Zombie movies, zombie books, (zombie music?) Two of my favorite books are World War Z and I am Legend (Not the book to the Will Smith movie, but rather the Matheson Book)

One thing that I haven't come across yet, is a good Zombie Survival RPG.

All that is about to change once The Indie Stone releases their much anticipated game Project Zomboid.

This game will not blow you away with amazing graphics and FPS, but will rather allow you to test your survival skills. Apparently, you will be able to build needed items in order to survive and defend yourselves from the zombies. Until your inevitable death that is.


Go ahead and visit Project Zomboid. Don't forget to leave a donation (around $8) to support their efforts, and check out more info on the soon to be released game.

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