Ninja Fishing Walkthrough – Part 3: Slicing Fish

Posted on 13 August 2011 by Kjersti Wasiak

The final part of playing Ninja Fishing is Slicing Fish.  After bringing up all the fish you catch in the Catching Fish part, the fish are tossed up in the air and you have to slice them to earn money.  The money is then used to buy upgrades that help in all parts of the game.

To slice the fish you drag your finger across the screen where the fish are at.  Watch out for bombs, though, because it will bring the slicing mode to an end.  When you hit a bomb you not only won't earn money from the remaining fish caught, but you also lose out on any new fish you might have caught and did not yet slice.

Some of the fish take more than one cut before they are slice in half.  You can purchase better blades to have better slicing power.  These upgrades make it so you slice through more types of fish in just one slice.

Two other upgrades are helpful in relation to slicing mode.  They are the Sales Guide and the MBA Diploma.  These items increase the amount you sell the sliced fish for.  The Sales Guide gives you a 10% boost and the MBA Diploma gives you a 25% boost.

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