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Posted on 29 August 2010 by kathydpaulin

[Images shown are from NHL 11. Thanks for pointing that out masd]

2K Sports announced their new game console development.  NHL 2K11 is the first officially licensed NHL game for any platform.  It is powered by Real Time Physics Engine which creates exciting moments as you go through the game experience.  Winning over rivals in the NHL 2K11 is an adrenaline pumping experience because of its realistic experience.

From the PR: "NHL 2K11 for iPhone and iPod touch is the first officially licensed NHL and NHL PA game on any portable platform, and allows fans to make trades and sign free agents as they take their favorite teams and players all the way to the Stanley Cup in Season Mode. Gamers will also be able to jump into practice and quick game modes to polish their skills using the intuitive control scheme. On top of the deep set of features already present in the game, 2K Sports plans on providing regular updates throughout the season to ensure the gameplay experience stays fresh all year long."

The Real-Time Physics Engine is a step forward for all sports video game.  It brings out the real world through physics.  It can recreate the real scenario of a game such as face-offs, puck and player action and other more.  It even allows players to shoot even while lying down the ice.  The game also offers over 200 gameplay enhancements.  The face-off system, hit stick and hip checks are just a few of the many gameplay enhancements which keeps the game very interesting.  A new broken sticks enhancement proves to be interesting too.  It allows players to pass or kick a puck to keep the game alive even if you have snapped your stick on a slapshot.

Players can now start a career playing for the Canadian Hockey League’s Memorial Cup.  You can also play against the CHL players and be a player from the Western Hockey League and more.  This gives the players a chance to be drafted and become the greatest hockey player ever. The controls for the game are pretty basic.  A joystick can be very useful if you want to maximize the controls.  The cinematic effects of the game are quite interesting but might not be useful in the actual gameplay.  There are eight camera modes with four directions and zoom modes.

NHL 2K11 is available for iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod touch and other iOs 3.1.2.  There are also free NHL 2K11 Lite for those who want to give it a try.

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  1. masd Says:

    the images are from nhl 11, you can even see the EA sports logo in the background

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