Mirror’s Edge™

Posted on 26 October 2010 by kathydpaulin

Push the through the limits of your iPad with this action packed and cutting edge game.  The Mirror's Edge is among the top games for iPad.

Mirror's Edge is game about a courier with dystopia.  You're goal is to pass through the defenses of the police by using explosives and blast your way through the barriers.  The player is highly agile and can do acrobatics.  You get to defy gravity by running the walls, sliding down zip lines and hopping across scaffolding.  Your ability to do acrobatics like a swift lion is perfect for doing series of actions.  The color scheme of the game is stunning and pleasing to the eyes.  It uses the primary and secondary color scheme such as using bright colors to denote objects and roads.

Enjoy the game and share it with friends with its split-screen interface and 2 Multi-player modes.  There are also challenges such as outrunning them in the Race Maps and Rival Maps where you outmaneuver them in uncovering secret packages.  You will enjoy it alone plus you can let your friends enjoy as well.

With Mirror's Edge you get to see and experience the real iPad feel as you move around such as hurdling through rooftops and sliding down ramps.  It offers stunning visuals plus realistic sound effects and vivid camera angles.

Mirror's Edge has the best groove for the iPad.  The players get to experience the realistic feel of the game through the iPad.  This is what makes it one of the most played game for iPad.

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