MapleStory Thief Edition

Posted on 10 September 2010 by kathydpaulin

MapleStory is one of the most popular massive multiplayer online role-playing games in Asia.  It’s simple and easy to understand.  There are over 100 million players worldwide making the release for the single player spin-off widely popular.  This game an offline version which means gamers must patiently wait for the portable edition of the classic game.  This might be less appealing for long-time players of the online game.

Nexon brings this classic action packed role playing game onto the iPhone.  You will be playing as Robin and you’re quest is to be the greatest thief in the world.  You will have a master named MacArthur and you’ll learn skills with his guidance.  The game doesn’t require you to have previous experiences since it is a single player offline adventure.  The gameplay has depth and the plot is very simple.

There hundreds of treasures to be discovered and more than 70 equipment to equip the character.  There are different towns which can be seen in the MapleWorld.  To obtain the equipment which is spread out all over the towns you must slay enemies and talk to townspeople.  It’s a game which will keep you glued on your screen until you cap the highest level which is level 99.

The adventure’s speed can be adjusted by toggling through the Options menu.  There are three types of speed which are slow, normal and fast.  Movement can also be set to auto or manual.  Auto movement would require you to tap to the direction you want to steer.

The MapleStory Thief Edition game is presented with interesting elements all throughout the game.  There are many personalities with humor which can be quite a break after a long quest.  There are characters which you can interact with enabling you to experience friendship and camaraderie.  If you are good in interacting with other characters you have better chances of becoming the best thief.

The game enables a fast paced level up so it won’t get boring as you play along.   iPhone gamers tend to rely on the visual controls.  In MapleStory there are some issues concerning the visual controls.  The buttons might be too small to be able to maneuver smoothly.  The placement of the button is not properly done.   There should have been an auto save feature which is not hidden from the game features.

MapleStory is quite interesting with all the action and adventure it presents.  You get to explore and enjoy the game as you become the greatest thief ever!

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