Madden NFL 11: Promises a Deeper Gaming Experience

Posted on 19 August 2010 by kathydpaulin

A game set out to redefine the world of football video gaming.  It aims to give players a simple, quick and deep gaming experience.  Madden NFL is a video game published by EA Sports.  It is an American football game based upon the National Football League.  Madden NFL 11 is the latest installment in the Madden NFL video game.

A new game play is introduced in Madden NFL 11.  It is called the Calling System wherein players can spend more field time.  This means the game can be completed with half of the game time.  The GameFlow gives a situational plan for players.  A pseudo-coach gives players some suggestions and gives explanations on how to run a play.  It helps the players to anticipate for a game situation.  And it will definitely help you become a better player.  The game also features better animations and controls.  It also boasts its online functionality and audio.  This gives the fans a more lively game experience.

With Madden NFL 11 you won’t have to worry about going through dozens of plays.  Game Planning gives you the options to take a playbook and choose what you want to run in the game.  If you want to limit run plays and focus more on passing you can go to the playbook and set something for you to meet your needs.  It is as useful as the Gameflow option.

Developers of Madden NFL 11 changed the locomotion system.  Most of the controls are on the dual stick control.  If you want to twist from a tackle you won’t have to press other buttons.  Gamers who love running game would love the new dual stick control.  This allows a great improvement for Madden NFL 11.  The A.I. also has better run plays compared to last year’s Madden NFL 10.  There is more balance in the game itself.  Computer players can be trusted with their assignments.  And the defense is far better since it picks up on miss and adjust accordingly.  It even helps you defeat your opponent.  EA has really worked up on the gameplay which is very impressive, by the way.

The visuals of Madden NFL 10 were better than Madden NFL 09 and even better with Madden NFL 11.  There are a lot more elements with the visuals such as more activity from the crowd and environment.  Character models are also more detailed giving the realistic feel.  Great soundtracks from music bands AC/DC, KISS and other rock bands add better gaming experience to Madden NFL 11.   Madden NFL 11 also gives you the opportunity to play with your friends through online team play.  Madden surely made a lot of great improvements for this year.  It gives you the chance to play better and improve your gaming skills.

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