Lost Planet 2

Posted on 16 July 2010 by Fahad Majidi

They say you can’t have everything in life and that’s probably true. We don’t have to be happy about it though. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition’s sequel seems to have slightly less extreme conditions, at least when it comes to the weather. Tropical paradises and desert lands don’t quite compare to the desolate frozen hell of the original game, where every second in the outdoor depleted your energy as the ice crept into your bones. It’s ten years later and the terra-forming of E.N.D.III. has worked, melting the ice but there’s still that Akrid problem which seems to have gotten a touch worse. There are armies of the insect blighters and bloody bosses.

Lost Planet 2

Lost planet 2 ditches the lame yet oddly-arousing Wayne Holden from the first game, in favor of four faceless individuals crafted to the player’s whims. This evidently includes tassels, trench coats, shields, helmets and weapons, according to the screenshots we’ve seen so far, but we supposed this side of things could get a little bit wacky, in the classic Capcom OTT style.

Of the two chapters in the game unveiled, the second looks the most interesting, an almost steampunk-like environment thick on warehouses and dour colors, similar to the artistic style employed in Playstation 3’s Killzone 3. With the second generation of Capcom’s in house graphics technology behind it, there’s a clear increase in detail over 2007’s Lost Planet, plus the lovely motion-blur effect that makes the giant monster so gorgeous is as awe inspiring as ever.

Lost Planet 2 - screenshot

So, real reason to complain, other than the lack of a face for the game, something that can perhaps be slapped on the front cover. In an era when the shooter genre finds itself pandering who wants to customize every aspect of their character, however, perhaps this approach makes the most sense. It’s little uncomfortable that Capcom hasn't announced anything more high concept for Lost Planet 2 than it has co-op, but with no specific release date penned in right now, maybe there’s something massive we are yet to see. Or not. Either way, shooting oversized Akrid with three buddies ought to be a good way to kill time for some season or two. Judging by the popularity of the first game, there’s clearly an audience out there to invest a lot time in this multiplayer centric principle.

Lost Planet 2 - screenshotLost Planet 2 - screenshotLost Planet 2 - screenshot

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