Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Defense

Posted on 09 December 2010 by kathydpaulin

Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Defense is definitely not your typical tower defense game.  The game drew inspiration from the Lord of the Rings adventure.  There are 18 levels and 7 iconic battle locations.  You will be able to encounter the goblins in the Mines of Moria, fend off Nazgul and defeat Sauron.

The game gives a realistic approach to tower defense games by allowing the heroes to act as a unit and act as a tower. Characters include melee, ranged and magic attackers.  The heroes are the same with the movies.  Even the little details such as the dagger used in the movie by Legolas is in the game.  The enemies don't attack the heroes but when they exit the health of the hero goes down despite not being attacked.

The game has two modes which includes the story and challenge mode.  The story mode has 7 chapters and 18 levels in total.  The chapters bring you to the entire plot of the trilogy.  Glu Mobile did a great job of keeping the standards of the license.  The musical score of the game is worth listening as if you're battling wave after wave of enemies.  Cutscenes describe each scene and dialogue abridge each level.

Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Defense is an interesting take of the saga.  It offers something different that makes it stand out from other tower defense games.  It provides great context for battles and game story.  The price may be a little heavy on your pocket but the game is worth it.

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