Gangstar: Miami Vindication

Posted on 29 September 2010 by kathydpaulin

The 3D Grand Theft Auto clone is the latest game release from Gameloft.  Grand Theft Auto is one of the most immersive games of all time.  It is a game that narrates a deep level of story line which centers on revenge.  The game is situated in a metropolitan area where rival gangs are killing each other.  The game plunges you to an exciting action packed adventure scenario.

You vindicate and liberate your brother from the hands of the Armada Gang and this is where the action starts.  The game has a lot of vehicles that you can gain full control such as cars, motorcycles, boats and helicopter.  There are 75 missions and 5 chapters that you must complete.  A wide array of weapons are available including flamethrower, molotovs and grenades.  Your character have quite a few skills too.  All of these are very essential tools in vindicating for accomplishing your mission.  The missions are fun to play plus it tells an amazing story.  You can navigate the services menu by tapping the mini map.  You can instantly start a mission, rent a vehicle, buy some weapons and more.

Each mission starts with a scene with voice-overs that eats a big part of the file size.  But the good thing is it sounded better than the past Gameloft games due to its intense background music and realistic feel.  The graphics is not too awesome but it is better in a way.

There are many useful features that you can use.  A new button has been added to take the game to the next level.  The sprint button gives you the chance to getaway faster while dodging bullets from cops and enemies.  It is also a lot easier to steal another vehicle because of the new features.  You can even do wheelies on your motorcycle if you tilt your device.

Although the game runs smoothly there are some errors that will make you fail the entire mission.  The characters don't have moving mouth as they speak and when they do speak they sound like little kids instead of the gang leader.  Some game parts are also impractical.  The range of the pistol is not quite accurate and the environment is not too realistic.

Overall, the game is still fun except for the glitches.  Gangstar: Miami Vindication is fun because of the large content it offers to the players.  It allows you to play and have criminal fun for hours.

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