Posted on 05 October 2010 by kathydpaulin

The best selling soccer game is back with its new release for iPhone.  FIFA 11 is back with the real deal.  It's better and bolder with redesigned game controls and graphics.  It features real players and official leagues.  The game allows you to play in a real tournament with cup modes.  Plus you get to play quick matches with more than 500 teams to choose from.  The controls of the game is more user friendly allowing gamers to tap and swipe.

FIFA 11 is one of the best soccer games with better game engine.  There is a more realistic feel while playing the game.  The moves and animation of the player are more genuine.  The flow of the game actually feels like a real soccer game.  Details such as the bouncing of the ball which is very important in a game such as this is quite authentic.  Plus, it is easy to handle and pass the ball just by tapping the screen.

Most iPhone soccer games aren't too easy to control but this game is a far cry from among the other games.  Famous players such as Messi, Rooney and Kaka are featured in the game.  If you're a soccer fanatic you'll probably enjoy playing the game with the real soccer players as game characters.

One disappointment of this game is its unavailability of the multi-player option.  It's pretty sad they haven't come up with this feature yet.  Although the game feature retina graphics there is no such difference with it running on 3GS.  The game can be fun but if you're into features this game is not quite feature rich.  There are some game modes that aren't available for FIFA 11.

FIFA 11 still holds the record for being one of the best soccer games ever.  Although the game lacks features the game play is enough to get you hooked.  The game allows you to enjoy soccer in a more realistic approach next to the real soccer game.

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