Posted on 26 July 2010 by Fahad Majidi

Sony’s Eye Pet mission is to make you believe that the cheerful monkey/kitten/puppy thing on your TV is a living, breathing creature. By using the PS3 camera to combine you and your living room with their impish rogue, you’ll find yourself reaching towards the floor to stroke his floppy ears. And he is certainly loveable. You will happily feed, clean, stroke and play with the squeaky imp for hours on end. But don’t be fooled: this isn’t a simple boring pet sim.

EyePet is split into ‘days’; blocks of four challenges that range from taking photos of your animal, to hitting high scores in bowling games, to digging a little garden. Completing challenges will reward you with pet clothes, new toys and upgrades for existing ones. Whatever the task, the level of interactivity is simply astounding; it’s all thanks to PS3’s technical grunt.

Using PlayStation Eye your creature can track the tiniest movement, engaging with any he sees. Rub your fingers o his head and he will nuzzle them. Push your hands towards him, and he will bounce backwards, scowling. Amazingly, bring out his stereo and sing a few notes; he will warble them back. We taught our Baa Baa Black sheep, and then marvelled as he began singing it later on that day.

For some real magic, hold a drawing to a camera and your pet will sketch what he sees. He is a little patchy if the outline isn’t clear, but mostly, he will faithfully create your art. Best of all, objects drawn in the Magic Sketchbook will come to life, so if your pet draws an elements of a plane, you can actually out them together and make a plane for him to fly around in.

Downsides? Some of the more intricate tasks are too difficult for young gamers to carry out, so kids may get frustrated. Shame, because it is an ideal alternative to handing your nipper a real (easily tormented) pet. Adults and older siblings will probably be tempted to give it a go too, if only to see if they can tackle the later challenges and unlock the vast quantity of extras. As a piece of tech, EyePet is incredible- it really showcases the potential of PlayStation Eye. As an actual gaming experience it is utterly heart warming. When your fluffy pet stares at you with his big eyes, you will find it tough to turn off your PS3.

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