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Posted on 16 April 2010 by Fahad Majidi

If there was ever a contemporary videogame series able to fly in the face of emergent gameplay non-linearity, and all other gubbins that developers like to harp on about these days, then Devil May Cry would probably be it. As many of you well known, Capcom’s perennial action franchise has so far been built around the simple premise of stringing together a variety of different combos, in order to vanquish hordes of enemies on the coolest and most bad-ass way possible. And it works, So, now we are well into the ‘next generation’ of consoles, is there any reason to drastically after this formula for Devil May Cry’s fourth outing?

Capcom certainly doesn’t think so, and from what we’ve seen so far Devil May Cry 4 is steadfastly sticking to the path laid out by its predecessor. Sure, there are new moves, characters and graphics, but the core of the game has evolved very little since the series began back in 2001, with the familiar mix of switch bashing, enemy juggling, and resolutely linear levels, remaining firmly in place – don’t expect a Resident Evil 4 style revamp this time around for Dante and Co.

But try as we might, we can’t really complain. Despite its last gen approach, Devil May Cry 4 is still shaping up to be a glorious exhibition of over the top violence, and it’s got us very excited. Since we last previewed the game a few new features have been unveiled, many of which concern the role of everyone’s favorite half demon, Dante. Although a great deal has been made of Devil May Cry 4’s introduction of Nero – an acolyte of a Sparda worshiping order, whom players will control most of the game - old favorite Dante will make a welcome return, as a playable character and as an enemy boss.

Dante hasn’t changed much, and he is still has the same core fighting style (Trickster, Royal Guard, Gunslinger and Sword Master). In fact, many of his combat animations look like they were lifted straight out of DMC3. But while the character is reassuringly familiar, his weapons are not. We’ve seen three new tools of destruction at Dante’s disposal, one of which is the interestingly titled Gilgamesh – a pair of metallic gauntlets and boots augmented with devastating spikes. Gilgamesh increases the power of Dante’s basic melee moves, but also lets him execute an awesome Street Fighter style Dragon Punch (through, unfortunately, without the ‘shoryuken’ sound effect).

A more defensive armament is the back mounted Lucifer, which shoots glowing energy blades into the air. Dante can then detonate these energy blades by casually flicking out a rose, causing explosions and area of effect damage to any nearby enemies. But the most bombastic addition to Dante’s arsenal is the aptly titled Pandora’s Box. It looks like a nondescript suitcase that opens up and stunts enemies, but by tapping out button combination's Pandora’s Box matches into an entire catalog of weaponry that Dante can use, from chains guns, to lasers, to a giant missile platform, capable of wiping out rows of beasties.

Capcom has also unveiled some new tricks up Nero’s sleeve, literally, Nero’s Devil Bringer arm has, so far, been showcased as a glorified grappling hook, able to hoist the character around the environment, or smash monsters into submission. But once the Devil Bringer is fully powered, Nero can conjure a spirit that powers up nearly every one of his combat actions, from launching blades when using his guns, to making multiple strikes with his sword, therefore, adding extra layers of depth to the combat system.

DMC4 may be sticking to a tried and tested formula but the deepening of the combat system, along with its luxurious visuals, should be more than enough to keep the series feeling fresh, and that’s good enough for us.

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