Dead Space for iPad

Posted on 07 February 2011 by kathydpaulin

Dead Space will be coming into your iPad this January 25.  EA developed the third person shooter game.  Dead Space is a horror/action packed game.  The game brings out a mixture of dread, hopelessness and more.  The graphics of the game is quite fascinating.

Dead Space for iPhone is already out.  In the game you get to play the role of Vandal which is a character from the first Dead Space.  It is your job to kill mutants that pop out from the shadows and kill them with high-tech killing tools.  It has this horror factor that keeps you glued on the game for hours.  You will find yourself in a level where monsters will be hard to fend off.  Fighting them isn't as easy as it seems.  You need to know the control well enough.  You can tap or swipe to fire your weapon.  But it takes practice to do this.

The recognizable features of the console version of this game are present.  The character's outfit, down to the lights and status are all available.  The graphics of the game is impressive enough but the entire game is quite lengthy for a suspense adventure game.  Let's see what other things this game can offer.

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