Dark Void

Posted on 24 August 2010 by Fahad Majidi

Ever wondered what would happen if Nikola Tesla met the Rocketeer in the middle of the Bermuda triangle, and together fought off an extra dimensional alien invasion as part of a ragtag group of exiled human survivors? No? Then you are clearly little short on imagination but luckily enough, the team at Airtight Studios isn’t short of good ideas. Somewhat sadly, the rocket pack sporting hero of Dark Void is not Dave Stevens’ Nazi busting superhero but instead Will Grey, a pilot who crashes in the notoriously disappearance heavy area of the Atlantic. Waking up in a parallel universe known to its inhabitants as The Void, Will meets an assortment of figures culled from human history- notably the aforementioned genius electrical engineer Tesla, while some of the screenshots released so far indicate that pioneering airwoman Amelia Earhart and a common or garden variety Aztec priest will also play their part.

Finding himself trapped in an ‘everything you know is wrong’ scenario, Will learns that an alien race seeded all life on Earth and ruled the planet as gods, until a group of humans developed powers of their own. Known as ‘Adepts’, these super humans managed to banish the aliens, or Watchers- from the mortal plane and into The Void millennia ago. Of course, now they are knocking on the doors of the reality, wanting to be let back in.

Gameplay promises an “innovative” mix of on foot and in air combat, with an emphasis on the latter. Early on, Will dons a hover pack constructed from salvaged Watcher technology, enabling him to go toe to toe (or, rather, ray gun to robot) with an assortment of villainous creeps, with players encouraged to utilize a vertical cover system to avoid damage and to take out foes. Later in the game, Tesla upgrades Will’s bespoke body armor to a fully functional jet pack that offers total freedom to movements and the chance to single handedly hijack flying saucers and dart around huge bosses like sort of laser targeted death wasp.

You will progress by completing missions based objectives, starting off with protecting your fellow survivors and leading up to a surely inevitable efforts against the Watchers’ stronghold itself, and Airtight is intending the switch between exploring, flying and combat to be seamless rather than split into distinct sections. If implemented well, that could open the door to some satisfying jugging of enemy hordes.

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