Dark Nova – Walkthrough

Posted on 06 August 2010 by Kjersti Wasiak

Dark Nova Walkthrough

Dark Nova

Dark Nova is a RPG game in a science fiction space setting. You play as a trader traveling between different star systems, buying items at low prices and selling them at higher prices in other systems. The ultimate goal is to earn enough to buy a small moon and retire.

Career Paths and Relevant Skill Points

Career Paths and Relevant Skill Points

The first thing you have to do when starting the game is determine how you want to distribute your skill points. This varies based on how you want to play the game. Different skills are more useful than others. If you want to be a pirate, the fighting skill is very important, but not all that useful if you plan to just be a trader.

You start with 16 skill points to distribute among the skills of Pilot, Fighter, Trader, and Engineer. Later in the game as you travel to different systems you will encounter special offers to upgrade a random skill in exchange for credits.

Trader – Traders rely purely on transporting goods between systems and making a profit by buying low and selling high. If you take this career path you do not really need Fighter skill points, as you will not engage in combat with the police or other traders. The trader skill is an important one to have because it allows you to buy items at reduced prices. The Pilot skill is also important to have to help you in fleeing from pirates. This is especially important if you plan to trade illegal items (firearms and narcotics) as it will also aid fleeing from the police. The Engineer skill is also worth using a few skill points on in order to help repair your ship when you do get attacked.

Pirate – Pirates attack other traders and pirates to get their hands on goods to sell for profit. If you plan to go this route, you will want to use some skill points on the Fighter skill to give you a better chance of succeeding in attacks. The Engineer skill is also more important to Pirates than Traders because pirates are more likely to need repairs due to initiating battles. Pirates will also find the Pilot skills helpful for attacking and following fleeing ships. Lastly, the Trader skill can help in the early stages of the game, although ultimately it is not as useful for Pirates as Traders.

Trading: Making a Profit

Whether you get your goods by buying them (Traders) or stealing them (Pirates), you will want to try to sell them for the highest price you can find to make the best profit. The easiest way to do this is to use the Short Range Chart accessed through the Warp tab on the bottom of the screen.

Trading: Making a Profit

On the Short Range Chart you can select nearby systems and find out what items you can sell at them for the best profit. Note that the white circle shows you how far you can go without filling your tank. It is best to turn on Full Tank on Arrival in Individual Game Settings or at least always fill up being checking the systems you plan to try to sell to.


Once you determine what system nearby will be most profitable to take items to, go to the Buy Cargo area of your Command Pad to purchase the item or items that you want to transport. Note that you will often not be able to fill up your cargo bay with the most profitable item. In that case you might want to purchase several different items that will bring at least some profit in that same system.

Once you have the items you wish to transport, go back to the Short Range Chart and Warp to that system. When you get to the system, sell the cargo and repeat the process as you warp around the galaxy.

Note for Pirates: The process is the same to find where to sell your items for the best profit, although you will likely not be purchasing items for profit as often as you are just searching for nearest system to unload your stolen items and get the most for them.

Loans and Insurance

Bank Loans and Insurance

At the bank, which is accessed from the Commander Pad, you can get a loan as well as insurance. Loans are a especially useful at the beginning of the game, but also when you have just bought a new ship or add on and are low on credits. Note that you cannot buy new ships or add ons if you currently have a loan. It is best to pay the loans off as fast as you can to avoid interest.


Insurance is a good thing to have if you plan to engage in attacks, as you will get the value of your ship back when your ship is destroyed and you use your escape pod to survive. Note that you must have an escape pod to get insurance. The escape pod can be purchased the ship yard. Your insurance price decreases by 1% per jump up to 90% off the initial rate the longer you go without getting destroyed and thus claiming the insurance on your ship.


As you warp between systems you will encounter different types of ships you will encounter along the way. This includes traders, police, and pirates. What you will do at each encounter depends on what you are carrying and what type of career you have.


Traders – When you encounter a trader, you can trade with them, ignore, or attack them. If you are a Trader, you will want to choose to trade or ignore. The trader will either offer to buy some of your stuff or sell you some of his stuff. It is a good idea to at least check what they want to trade, as sometimes it will give you a higher profit than you expect from the system you are traveling to or they will be offering you items cheap that you know will sell high at the system you are heading to. If you are a pirate, attacking traders is one of the ways you can end up with cargo to make a profit off of.

Encounter Police

Police – Sometimes when you encounter the police they will just ignore you. When this happens you can ignore them, too. However, sometimes they want to inspect your cargo. If you are a trader, you can let them inspect you and not worry unless you are carrying illegal items (firearms and narcotics). If you are carrying, these items you will probably want to try to flee or bride them, although you could attack if you wanted. If you are a pirate, you might want to try to bribe the police, but you can also flee or attack them.

Encounter Pirate

Pirates – If you are a trader, you will want to flee from pirates. Pirates can attack them, but if they seem stronger than you, then you might want flee as well.



Once you have logged 10 days (in game time, not real time) and fulfill a few other requirements (can be found in the GPTA tab of Commander Status) you will be able to take on passengers. Passengers can be a very profitable transporting trade. Beware of getting infested by accepting strange cargo from specials, as it can be hard to locate a special to get rid of them and you cannot transport passengers when infested.

Hiring Personnel


As you journey between systems you will notice that in some systems there is a Hire button. Here you can hire personnel/mercenaries to help you out. They are more expensive per trip the better stats they have. You can have as many personnel as you have empty crew quarters (the exact amount of quarters vary by ship). Mercenaries will take over your skill categories rating if you have a lower number in that skill. Thus it can be helpful to hire a mercenary with a high fighter skill if yours is low and you need protection.

Buying and Selling Equipment

You can buy and sell equipment from the tabs on the Commander Pad page. The amount of equipment you can have at one time depends on the carrying capacity of your current ship. You can check the info on your ship’s capacity in Ship Yard tab. The exact items available for purchase vary based on what system you are currently in.


There are three types of equipment: Weapons, Shields, and Gadgets. The weapons available for buying are Pulse Laser, Disruptor, and Justive Mark IV. The shield equipment add ons you can purchase are the Energy Shield and Reflection Shield. The gadget add-ons available for purchase are 5 extra cargo bays, Auto repair system, Navigating system, Targeting system, and Cloaking Device.

Certain add ons are more helpful depending on whether you are a pirate or trader as well as the missions you are undertaking. For example, you will need a shield to transport passengers, but if you do not plan to engage in attacks you can go with the cheaper Energy Shield. However, if you are trying to complete the Dragonfly mission you will want the better Reflection Shield as well as the best weapon of Justive Mark IV. The weapons and shields are also more important if you are a pirate, while the extra cargo bays tend to be more useful for traders.

Pirate Upgrades

Pirate Upgrades

In systems that have a lot of pirates you can get pirate upgrades at the bottom of the Buy Equipment screen. The upgrades can increase either your hull, shield, and weapon strength. These upgrades have to be repurchased each time you get a new ship.

Special Missions

Special Missions

Sometimes you will be asked to take on a special mission or quest when you click on Special in systems. The missions can be a great way to get special add-ons. The types of missions vary from being asked to deliver medicine to transporting an ambassador. Some missions are not dangerous, but some like transporting alien artifacts and destroying Dragonfly will require you to be ready for attacks. The rewards include better shields (Quantum Shield from defeating Dragonfly) and a special hand-held haggling computer that allows you to get discounts when purchasing goods and equipment.

Searching for Systems

Searching for Systems

Sometimes when you are on a mission you will want to be able to find how to get to a specific system. Rather than randomly clicking on the Galactic Chart (accessed from Command Pad) you can scroll through the planet names using the arrow buttons to see where they are located. The systems are scrolled through in alphabetical order.

Ultimate Goal – Retiring on a Moon

The game’s ultimate goal is to retire on a moon. To do so you must earn at least 400,000 credits to even encounter the special in a few random systems to purchase a moon. The moon will cost you at least 500,000.


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