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Posted on 15 August 2010 by Kjersti Wasiak

Basics of Playing Civilization Revolution

The main goal of Civilization Revolution is to become the dominate civilization.  There are four main ways to win, as well as a fifth way of being the best civilization when turns run out in 2100.

4 Ways to Win

  • Technological - Launch a Space Mission to Alpha Centari (do technological research to get to the point of being able to launch a space shuttle)
  • Domination - Capture All Enemy Capital Cities
  • Economic - Build a World Bank (can be produced after you reach economic achievement 8, which is to have 20,000 gold at one time)
  • Cultural - Build United Nations (can be produced after you have a combination of Wonders and Great People that adds up to at least 20)

Moving Units - To move units around the map you drag them to where you want them to go.  White arrows show how many spaces they can go (amount per turn varies by unit) and yellow show spaces too far to go to in one turn for that unit.  You can also move units by tapping them, selecting the move button (has arrows), and then selecting where you want them to go.  When you tap on the unit you can also choose to have them defend, heal, or wait.  There will also be a button to form an army if there are three of your units on the same space.  You can scroll through units available by tapping the button on the right side of the screen that has a guy and an arrow.

City Button - This button is on the right hand side of the screen and looks like a building.  Select this button to reach the city menu, where you can then scroll through your cities and take care of things in the city.

End Turn - In the middle of the top of the screen is a bar that shows what the current year is.  This bar changes into an End Turn button when you have moved all available units their max distance.  Tap this button when you have finished taking care of things in cities and you will move on to the next turn.

Settlers - This is one type of unit you can create.  Once created you can move them to a clear spot and create a new city.

Rush Production - This button will appear right above the current production's status in the bottom left hand corner when you have enough money to afford to finish the production quickly.

Villages - There are two types of villages.  The Barbarian villages (have wall around them) have to be taken over with a fight.  The Tribal Villages can be taken over without a fight.

Where to Build a City

A city can be built anywhere there is available space (i.e. spaces not taken by other cities, icecaps, or mountains), but placing them in key locations can really give you an advantage.  The Grassland and Plains squares will help your food production, which in turn allows your population to increase and gives you more workers.  The Forest and Hill squares allow you to build military units, special buildings, etc.  You will want to place the city in the middle of spaces (the spaces touching the city determine the productivity of that city) that will most suit your purposes.

Having more spaces available for food production will allow your village to have more population/workers.  Only one worker works per space (8 total spaces at first, more after Courthouse built).  The excess population becomes tradesmen, which can help you gain trade, which can be used for science or wealth.  Choosing a science focus will help you be able to do research faster, which is useful if you want to go for a Technological Victory.  Choosing wealth will help you gain money faster, which is good to use when you want to go for an Economical Victory.

When to Build a Settler and Creating New Cities

Settlers are needed in order to establish new cities.  The more cities you have the more building you can do at one time, as each city can only work on one thing at a time whether it is creating military units, constructing buildings, or building wonders.  It is a good idea to recruit settlers as soon as you can (unlocked after you get 100 gold) and regularly to make you more successful.

Once you have more than one city you can have different cities work on different things, such as one city making troops while one makes a wonder and yet another recruits settlers.  You will want to change the focus between the city regularly to allow each city a chance to build the buildings that each needs to be more useful, such as temples (helps you culturally to avoid your city being flipped).

Researching Technology

There are various things to research (47 total).  Researching is not only a way to win the game (Technological Victory), but it can help you win via the other victories when chosen to suit your goals.  What type of things you research will in part be related to how you want to try to win.

The first set of things you can research are Alphabet, Bronze Working, Horseback Riding, and Pottery.  All except Horseback Riding will help you towards a Cultural Victory, as the other three each unlock a Wonder that you can build.  Alphabet will help you with a Technological Victory, as it allows you to build a library, which will help you do research faster.  Bronze Working and Horseback Riding can be useful if you want a Domination Victory, as they unlock new troops to recruit.  Pottery can help with culture, as well as trade (helpful for Economical Victory).  Each upgrade leads to more that have similar advantages that get more and more useful as you get to higher research levels.

Building an Army

Depending on what your goal is you will want some military units.  At first you can only make a warrior and galley ship.  As you do technology research you unlock better units that you can recruit.  If you are going for more peaceful goals like Cultural and Economical Victory, you really do not need to worry much about troops.  You will just want some around your cities in case other civilizations try to capture your cities.  Try creating just one or two per city and set them to defend it when you first make it.  Then switch your focus of that village to other things.

If you are going for a Domination Victory, then building an army will be way more important.  You will probably want to start with some warriors, but if you want to take over capitals you will need better troops.  Focus on the technological upgrades that unlock more troops.  To take over capitals you might find it useful to create armies by stacking three of the same kind of troops on one square and making them into a powerful army.  Without making the armies, you might find it very hard to take over capitals except with troops you unlock after lots of research.

Whether you are taking a peaceful or war stance, you might want to build walls around your cities.  Walls can be built after you research Masonry, which can be researched after Pottery.  This keeps your cities from being flipped, as well as helps protect them from being captured.

To help avoid wars, you can accept offers of peace from the other civilizations, however this keeps you from going through the squares around their cities.  This is not too much of an issue early in the game, but later it can make it hard to get to free spots to settle.  For those going to war, you might want to make peace with all, but one civilization in order to only have to deal with one at a time.

Leaders and Era Bonuses

There are different advantages depending on what leader you choose to use.  The advantages accumulate as you go through the different eras.  The eras are 1. Stone Age, 2. Medieval Era, 3. Industrial Era, and 4. Modern Era.  Each civilization also has an advantage of some sort from the beginning.

Genghis Khan - Mongols: Begin Game with +50% trade from Captured Cities

  1. Barbarian Villagers Join You
  2. Calvary Speed +1
  3. Production  from Mountains +2
  4. Free Communism Tech

Elizabeth - English: Begin Game with Knowledge of Monarchy

  1. Longbow Archer Defense +1
  2. Naval Combat +1
  3. Production from Hills +1
  4. Naval Support x2

Caesar - Romans: Begin Game with a Republic

  1. Cost of Roads x0.5
  2. Cost of Wonders x0.5
  3. More Great People
  4. New Cities Have Population +1

Cleopatra - Egyptians: Begin Game with an Ancient Wonder

  1. Food and Trade fro Desert +1
  2. Knowledge of Irrigation
  3. Rifleman Movement +1
  4. Caravan Gold +50%

Alexander - Greek: Begin Game with a Courthouse

  1. Knowledge of Democracy
  2. More Great People
  3. Cost of Library x0.5
  4. Food from Sea Regions +1

Isabella - Spanish: Begin Game with Knowledge of Navigation

  1. Exploration Cash x2
  2. Naval Combat +1
  3. Gold Production +50%
  4. Production from Hills +1

Bismark - Germans: Begin Game with Automatic Upgrades for Elite Units

  1. New Warriors are Veterans
  2. Production from Forests +1
  3. Cost of Barracks x0.5
  4. Interest on Gold Reserves 2%

Catherine - Russians: Begin Game with a Local Area Map

  1. Food from Plains +1
  2. New Defensive Units get Loyalty
  3. Cost of Riflemen x0.5
  4. Cost of Spies x0.5

Mao - Chinese: Begin Game with Knowledge of Writing

  1. New Cities have Population +1
  2. Free Literacy Tech
  3. Cost of Library x0.5
  4. Cities not Affected by Anarchy

Lincoln - Americans: Begin Game with a Great Person

  1. Interest on Gold Reserves 2%
  2. Cost to Rush Units x0.5
  3. Food from Plains +1
  4. Factories Production x3

Tokugawa - Japanese: Begin Game with Knowledge of Ceremonial Burial

  1. Food from Sea +1
  2. Samurai Knights Attack +1
  3. Cities not Affected by Anarchy
  4. New Defensive Units Get Loyalty

Napoleon - French: Begin with an Impressive Cathedral

  1. Knowledge of Pottery
  2. Cost of Roads x0.5
  3. Cannon Attack +2
  4. Riflemen Movement +1

Gandhi - Indians: Begin with Access to all Resources

  1. Cities not Affected by Anarchy
  2. Free Religion Arch
  3. Cost of Settlers x0.5
  4. Cost of Courthouse x0.5

Saladin - Arabs: Begin with Knowledge of Religion

  1. Caravan Gold +50%
  2. Free Mathematics Tech
  3. Horseman/Knights Attack +1
  4. Interest on Gold Reserves 2%

Montezuma - Aztecs: Begin Game with a Wealth of Gold

  1. Units Heal after Combat Victory
  2. Temple Gives Science +3
  3. Cost of Roads x0.5
  4. Gold Production +50%

Shaka - Zulu: Begin Game with Overrun Combat Advantage

  1. Warrior Movement +1
  2. Rapid City Growth
  3. Gold Production +50%
  4. Cost of Riflemen x0.5

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  1. Mike Says:

    Nice game, but Saving doesn't seem to work. Select a slot, push the green button, try every other thing, two fingers, swipe, whatever. All the slots remain empty no matter what. You can quit the game, come back and continue from where you left off, but can't save into the slots.

  2. Mike Says:

    Solved my own problem re saving. Slot 1 says "empty", but it isn't. I think that if you try to save your game into Slot 1, it doesn't bother, because your Autosave is the same. There's a yellow icon in the Slot 1 panel, above the word "empty", which is maybe a symbol for Autosave. If you play some more turns, then save in Slot 2, it works. But Slot 1 is mislabeled. Otherwise, an excellent game. I knew how to play it (except for the iPad UI), because I have it for XBox. For someone that doesn't know the Civ series, the lack of a manual, lack of any web support beyond an overview, would leave the newbie up a creek. I do NOT recommend this for someone who doen't already know the game.

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