Chopper 2 – Walkthrough

Posted on 07 August 2010 by Kjersti Wasiak

Chopper 2 Walkthrough

Chopper 2 iPhone / iPad walkthrough

Chopper 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the best selling App Store classic Chopper.

Chopper 2 features 36 action packed missions over 12 unique and beautiful locations. It features a completely re-written 3D game engine, all new enemies, weapons, graphics, and missions, while still retaining the classic side scrolling game-play.


There are three different ways types of control in Chopper 2: Tilt, Touch, and Remote.

  • Tilt - In this mode you tilt your iPad or iPhone to control the helicopter's flight.  You touch the screen to launch missiles, bombs, or to use your machine gun as well as aim where the weapons attack.
  • Touch - In touch mode you control the helicopter by moving a joystick style icon on the right hand side of the screen.  The joystick control may be easier for some to use, as it is more natural for gamers used to playing console games.  However, it can also be hard because you end up with your thumb on the screen blocking view.  This is especially an issue when playing on the small iPhone screen and if you have big thumbs.  This mode seems most suited for use when in Remote mode.
  • Remote - This mode can only be used if you have an iPad and an iPhone.  In this mode the two devices communicate with each other using Bluetooth.  You see the mission on the iPad and use the iPhone to control the helicopter and weapons.  Since you are not seeing the game on the same screen as you are doing the controls Touch mode becomes a reasonable option.  Tilt mode can also be more enjoyable this way because the iPad screen with the mission is staying still while you tilt on the iPhone.  Either way you choose to play Remote mode makes it more like console gaming (especially if you have the cables to hook your iPad up to a monitor or tv) and is an unique new style of mobile gaming.


  • Machine Gun - You simply tap on the screen to start firing and drag your finger to adjust the aim. The gun continues to fire as long as you keep your finger on the screen.  It will not matter too much in this level, but you should get in the habit of paying attention to the gauge on the left filling up with red.  You have unlimited machine gun firepower, but if you try to shoot constantly for too long your gun will overheat and you cannot shoot until it cools down.
  • Missiles - To launch your missiles you tap the missile icon on the left side of the screen.  It will go where you are aimed.  Use them wisely, though, as you can only have 8 at a time and it can sometimes be far between bases (ones with green ammo icon) that equip you with more.  They are good for using against tanks.
  • Bombs - This launch same as the missiles.  They drop more straight down and do not track enemies as much as the missiles.  You also can only carry 8 of these at a time.

Misty Valley

  • From the Mist - You objective of this mission is to simply fly to the base to the right.  Along the way you have to watch out for birds.  You also end up having to pick up a civilian along the way (for future reference the guys you need to pick up are marked with blue circles and are pointed out with blue arrows).  Just land near a person and they will run to get on the helicopter.  Take off again after they are onboard.

  • Information - In this level you must pick up a military operative and transport him to a base further to the right.  This mission focuses on completing the tasks in a timely manner and it recommends flying low to go faster, as your helicopter can fly faster lower to the ground.  You will fail the mission if you do not get the military operative to the base before time runs out.

  • Watch Tower - This level introduces you to your machine gun.  It is the first weapon you get to use in the game.  In this level you must kill all the enemies, but you also have to rescue civilians.  Be careful that you do not accidentally kill civilians while you are attacking enemies.  It is best to try to pick the civilians up before you start firing on the nearby enemies at least until you get the hang of firing and aiming the machine gun while flying the chopper.  In this mission you will also be first introduced to the repair bases.  These bases are helipads with a blue tool symbol.  You can land on them and slowly have your health restored.  Just beware that sometimes there are enemies nearby that will attack as you repair, but you can use your machine gun while repairing.

Snow Hills (Unlocked After you Beat Misty Valley)

  • Snow Rescue - In this level you must rescue civilians after a heavy snowfall. In this level you are introduced to your missile launcher to help you defeat enemies you meet while on your rescue mission.  In this mission you are also introduced to the green ammo bases where you can get your weapons resupplied (just missiles at this point, but later also bombs).  There are only a few enemies and you do not really need the missiles yet.
  • Tank Invasion - In this level you face enemy tanks for the first time.  You have to get them before the tanks do and then take out the tanks.  This is a good time to begin practicing using your missiles.  They are very useful against tanks.  It is also when you must really begin to learn to fly well to avoid getting shot down.  You can shoot down the missiles they fire at you in mid air, but do not be afraid to turn around and outrun them instead sometimes.
  • Attack - In this level you must defeat the enemy tanks and soldiers to keep them from reaching your base.  The attack comes from sides for the first time in this game.  It is tempting to just go take out one side first and then go to take out the other side, but if you are not quick about it the other side will destroy your base before you get to them.  If you want to try one side then the other go left first.  If this is not working for you, then try taking out the first tank in one direction and then go take out the first tank coming from the other direction and keep going back and forth taking out one tank from each side at a time.

Canyon (Unlocked After You Beat Misty Valley)

  • By the River - In this level you must pick up guys and drop them off at a hut by the river.  Along the way you also have to take out the enemy scouts your encounter.  This is the first level you get bombs as the final weapon available for use in the game.  You can only use the bombs and machine gun in this level.
  • Tank - You simply have to destroy one tank in the desert in this level.  Pretty simple level, although there are a few enemy troops on the ground and some birds that suddenly take off in front of you to avoid.  Once you destroy the tank you continue on to the next base to get ready for the next level.
  • Commander - In this level you must destroy the commander that is leading the enemy invasion and then back to the base by the river.  You also have to pick up stranded tourists you find and take them to the base.  You can just quickly fly past tanks and drop bombs not really caring if they even hit because you do not need to beat the tanks to beat the level.  You just need to avoid getting shot down by them.

Chillyopolis (Unlocked after you beat Snow Hills and Canyon levels)

  • Speed Run - As it the level name suggest you must be quick in this level.  Your fuel tank is almost empty and you need to reach the base before your time runs out.  Fly low to go faster.  You do not have to worry about taking out those firing at you in this level and just dodge attacks to avoid losing all your health as you speed your way to the base.

  • Infiltration - In this level you must rescue a civilian and bring them back to the base.  The enemies have set up turrets on the buildings.  You do not have to take them out, but taking them out will make the return flight with the civilian safer and easier than dodging the turret fire again.
  • Bomb Disposal - A bomb has been placed atop one of the buildings.  You must pick up an expert and take him to the bomb.  While he disarms the bomb you have to take out the enemies that will come along to try and stop him.  After he disarms the bomb you have to get him safely back to the base.

Dunes (Unlocked after you beat Snow Hills and Canyon levels)

  • Major General - In this level you have to escort a convoy to rescue your Major General.  You must make sure that none of the convoy vehicles are destroyed.  You do not have to stay right with the convoy.  In fact it can be easier if you just fly ahead and take out the enemies before the convoy even gets near being damaged by enemy fire.  This also makes it so you can use your weapons without accidentally hurting your convoy.  When you reach the Major General you have to land on the roof of the building to pick him up.

  • Escort - Now that you have rescued the Major General you have to escort him and the convoy to safety.  This time it is okay to lose some of the vehicles, but you cannot let the trucks be destroyed, as the Major General is in one of them.  Again it is easiest to just fly ahead and take out enemies before the convoy gets to them.
  • Hangar - The hangar you rescued the Major General is being used as a base for the enemies, so now that the Major General is safe you must go back and destroy the hangar.  You do not have to defeat all the enemies, but it will be helpful to take some of them out to keep them from firing at you as you destroy the hangar.  You might want to save your missiles and bombs for the hangar, as it will make the destruction go much faster.

Night Terror (Unlocked after you beat Chillyopolis and Dunes)

  • Sabotage - Your weapons are disabled in this level to keep you from destroying the turrets, which the enemies have taken over to attack you.  You must rescue the civilians.  In this level you have to be good at dodging the turret fire since you cannot destroy them.  Flying mid range height allows you more directions to go to escape getting hit.  Remember that turning around and going backwards is the slowest option, but you can sometimes just stop and hover to avoid the turret fire coming up in front of you.
  • Technician - Your weapons are back online to help you safely get a technician to the turret controls.  However, you still cannot destroy the turrets and they are for use against the enemy troops you encounter.  While the technician is regaining control of the turrets you must keep the enemy troops from killing him.
  • Defense - In this level you must defend the turret control center from the enemy invasion.  You must protect it for three minutes until the area is under control.  Enemies come from both sides, so just keep going back and forth defeating the enemies on one side and then going to the other side to get the enemies that have emerged.

Passing Storm (Unlocked after you beat Chillyopolis and Dunes)

  • Preparation - Prepare for an invasion by getting all the civilians nearby to the safety of the house.  There are some enemies attacking in this level, but your mission is to just rescue the civilians for now.
  • Deployment - To further get ready for the enemy attack you must take six soldiers and drop them off at their defensive positions in the field.  After you drop them all off return to the base to get ready to defend.
  • Showdown - In this level you must destroy all the incoming enemy troops before they reach the house.  It is best to go and attack them as far away from the house as you can, but be sure to return to the base to repair if you need to.

Frozen (Unlocked after you beat Night Terror and Passing Storm)

  • Enemy Convoy - Your mission in this level is to destroy the enemy convoy before it reaches your camp to the left.  Be sure to focus on the front of the convoy to stop them from getting to your base.  You start out coming from behind them.  Drop missiles and bombs on them as you fly towards the front and take out some of them as you move to attack the front of the convoy.  It is mostly tanks and trucks (these do not attack you), but there is also one chopper at the front of the convoy.
  • Choppers - This is the first level you will encounter multiple enemy choppers.  They can be a bit harder to destroy just in that they are not always below you.  It can be easier to attack them when you are up high.  You can use missiles and bombs, but they can be hard to aim right at choppers that move fast and be careful that you do not end up also blowing yourself up.  Choppers move fast and can quickly overwhlem you and get close to your base, so you might want to master using bombs and missiles on them because your gun alone can slow down getting them all before it is too late.
  • Final Wave - This is the biggest wave of enemies in the snow thus far.  You will face more choppers, but also other enemies including tanks.  You automatically lose if any of the enemies get past your camp.

Cliffs (Unlocked after you beat Night Terror and Passing Storm)

  • Railway - Enemies have taken over the train station where three important civilians arrived at.  You must first destroy all the enemies at the train station.  You then need to rescue the civilians and take them to the base.
  • Assembly - A supply train is about to arrive at the train station.  You need to pick up the soldiers out in the desert and assemble them at the train depot to defend it when the train arrives.

  • Train - In this level you must defend the train station and train until the train has finished refueling.  There are enemies on both sides of the train station, so you must fly back and forth taking out the enemies.  There are also some birds flying above the train station that you might want to take out to make flying back and forth easier.  Also, be ready for a few choppers to come near the end of the level.

Twilight Towers (Unlocked after you beat Frozen and Cliffs)

  • Overrun - In this level you must rescue five civilians and take them back to where you start the level.  After you get them to safety you report to a helipad further on.  Be careful to not kill them when you are attacking the enemies (you do not have to defeat the enemies to beat the level).
  • Stepping Stone - Rescue more civilians and take them back to safety.  Then continue on to the final helipad.
  • Extraction - In this level you have to rescue hostages.  You must go get them and get them to safety.

Alpine Base (Unlocked after you beat Frozen and Cliffs)

  • The Injured - In this level you must pick up the injured soldiers and return them to the base.  You do not have to destroy the enemy, but some of them will be useful to take out so they do not destroy you while you stop to pick up soldiers.
  • Destruction - In this level you must destroy all the enemy buildings and forces.  There are also people to rescue, so be careful to not hit them before you pick them up or you will have to start the level over.  After you destroy all the enemy buildings report to the next helipad.

  • Hostages - In this level you must rescue some hostages at an enemy base.  You also must destroy all the buildings at the base.  It is best to rescue the hostages first or at least know their exact locations to avoid accidentally killing them when attacking the enemy and thus having to start the level over.

Foothills (Unlocked after you beat Twilight Towers and Alpine Base)

  • Phase One - Prepare for the final battle by rescuing all the hostages and getting them to safety at the base.  You must destroy all the enemies as well.
  • Phase Two - Rescue more hostages and clear out more enemies as you make your way to the final base.  Do not worry about the time at least the first time through.  You can run out of time and still win.  You just will not get time bonus points, but there is still satisfaction in beating the level and it gives you something to go back and try better on after you get more practice with the level as a whole.  Going back to repair is sometimes the only way to be able to eventually beat all the enemies sometimes.

  • Finale - This is the final battle and you beat the game if you beat this level.  In this level you must destroy the enemy base as well as the enemies defending it.  You will face troops, tanks, and choppers.  Take your time and go back for repairs if needed.  The part when you near the top of the hill can also be tricky with birds being around at the same time as tanks.  You might want to take out the birds while they are barely on your screen before you encounter the tanks.  Also, move slowly throughout and stop and hover to attack the enemies that just come into view.  This will often keep it a one on one battle with tanks rather than going speedy and ending up having more tanks or enemies to deal with at a time.


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  1. Beckie Grizzard Says:

    Hi, I am reading-through this blog via my N97 and it seems somewhat strange. Guessed you’d want to know. It really is a terrific post though, just didn’t mess that up.

  2. Bob Parmacek Says:

    In the Hangar mission my bombs and missiles do not damage the hangar! When I get to the hangar there is a red circle like a target on top of the hangar but not in my line of flight. How do i handle this?


  3. Rick Says:

    I am finally all the way through Finale, but have two enemy arrows that point up or down where I can’t fly. How do I eliminate them?

  4. Matt Says:

    I have the same problem on the destruction level, there is one remaining red arrow pointing up. I’ve tried shooting up in that direction but nothing is blowing up or coming down to get me. I cant finish that level without destroying that last enemy. But I can’t get to it so what to do???

  5. Kjersti Wasiak Says:

    I cannot recreate the issues you guys are talking about with red arrows pointing up where you cannot fly. Any chance you can point me to screenshots of these issues? I have no problems rebeating those levels other than the amount enemies being kind of hard to handle in the Finale.

  6. Bob Says:

    I’ve pretty much mastered Chopper 2.

    However I can’t for the life of me complete Frozen/Final Wave within the 2 minutes. It’s the only level where I can’t get any time bonus. (I’m on the “Harder” level)

    Has anyone figured out a trick to finishing in 2 minutes? I find the final tanks are simply too far away to reach and destroy

  7. Oregon coast Lodging Says:

    this really is quite interesting. It presented me a number of ideas and I’ll come to be writing them on my website online soon. I’m bookmarking your blog and I’ll be back again. Thank you again!

  8. Angus Says:

    Re Escort. It’s much easier if you fly with the lead tank and let it take out the opposition. It can be completed without the Chopper using any munitions ;)

  9. heli2reg Says:

    Sometimes I am wondering if there are some tricks around to play the game better and more efficiently. I think I am doing everything correctly for "Misty Valley – Harder", but can only make it to 40,224 points. At the second level already where you have no weapons but have to fly through the enemies fighting there own thing below, I always get hit by some "air strikes" – for the lack of a better word. Not that I get hit from the enemy directly. I know that costs 1,000+ points, because of loseing the bonus. Any idea how to get through this without being hit at all? – Thanks! (heli2reg on OpenFeint)

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