Chaos Rings

Posted on 25 September 2010 by kathydpaulin

Chaos Rings is branded as a gamers’ game.  It is a full out action packed RPG game where there is more combat.  Game developers of this game made a great job on making the iPhone a serious gaming platform.

The game starts in a place called the Arka Arena where the story will revolve.  The Arka Arena is laden with monsters and players must fight in order to stay alive.  Immortality is granted to those who surpass the game’s challenges.  The storyline for each team will be shown through cut scenes.  The story is quite intriguing, which is well portrayed by the game.

The game play of Chaos Rings is pretty simple.  The real test for players would be on handling strategies while commanding two party members.  It wouldn't be too wise to rush into any attacks without carefully planning what to do.  Players are also given the option to turn off any chance encounters allowing them to gain more playability of the game.

There is a mid-level and an end-level boss in each dungeon.  In order to advance in the game one should be able to answer a logic puzzle occasionally.  Each puzzle style varies from dungeon to dungeon.  It buys you some time to catch a breath and force you to use your brain.  Each member of your team can attack individually or as a pair.  If you can use a collaborative attack then you can do more damage to the enemies.

Once you defeated any enemy you will be able to customize your characters with the so-called “Gene Plates”.  Each plate has varied abilities and spells, which are essential in defeating different monsters.

If you get to master the plates you get to learn some awesome skill set that would leave all your enemies in the brink of extinction.   One thing that doesn't really work well is the teleport mode.  After collection crystals throughout the stages, you will be teleported around the map.  The navigation on this feature feels a bit tacky.

Overall, Chaos Rings is an engaging and deep game that allows you to make use of the full features of an iPhone as a gaming device.  It may not be perfect, but still it has a lot to offer.

The game may cost a bit higher compared to other RPG games, but it’s still worth your penny. If you’re into action packed RPG games you should definitely give this game a try.

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