Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Posted on 14 August 2010 by Fahad Majidi

For some, Modern Warfare 2 is a multiplayer vehicle. Forget the single player merely ‘tracked-on’ for those not smart enough to venture online, they say, the latest iteration of Call of Duty is at its finest when comping over the PlayStation Network. Considering how well structured Infinity Ward’s latest is, this argument sounds like a valid one to us. As anyone with half an interest in it knows, the sixth COD’s multi-player setup is a greatly enhanced version of the one that came packed with Call of Duty 4. Spurred on by attempting to increase your rank, every small step you make is greeted with an offering of a new perks, weapons and skills. Unlike before, though, the challenge this time is far more intense.

A problem some threw at the model when it first reared its head was how it favored those who had played it the most - anyone with the talent or inclination to shoot away for hours on end usually had the upper hand. This idea is much more apparent now. When you first sit down with Modern Warfare 2 it’s not uncommon to come away feeling particularly frustrated as the repetitive ‘spawn/die’ cycle grinds away.

Before long, you may even start questioning whether or not this is the game for you; your online stats are not that bad. And then you surpass level 10. Although such a landmark does not turn the experience on its head, it is here where the proceedings begin to make sense. With a wider choice of guns, perks and equipments at your fingertips, you can start to craft the load out that suits your play style.  As you soldier on, all the tiny elements that Infinity Ward has masterfully constructed start to make themselves known. Better still, you will begin to understand how to conquer them.

Aside from tweaking the foundations, however, the brains behind the world’s most successful videogame launch ever have also added in a few inspired new strokes, namely the ability to control and customize your kill streaks. Rather than offer the same rewards to each player, as you progress more of these fabled powers will become available. You will still need to string kills together to unlock them but knowing your decisions are exclusive to you makes them all sweeter to unleash.

Pushing the same idea, you can also choose a ‘deathstreak’. Given to individuals who find themselves breathing their last breath far too often, it’s the developer’s attempt to even out the playing field. Although it works to a certain degree, the move does not tip the balance very far in the favor of the weak. The four available are not hugely beneficial; meaning those who are truly terrible will find little comfort.

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