Batman: Arkham Asylum 2

Posted on 22 July 2010 by Fahad Majidi

As a tribute to the source material, Arkham Asylum 2 is superb. The story, scripted by longtime Animated Series Writer Paul Dini, is a twisty affair where the Joker is incarcerated in the titular asylum, before breaking out and putting the Dark Knight through a series of challenges, ranging from the difficult to the annoying. It doesn’t quite slide into any of the existing Batman continuities but borrows the voice actors from the animated show, the tone of the Nolan films and the extensive mythology of the comic books. While it’s not definitive, a really great job done of establishing a new Batman timeline within the videogame medium.

The game itself is a mixture between exploration, stealth and action; never do any of the two overlap, however. Before entering a room in the asylum, it’s always worth hitting the left bumper, activating a ‘Detective mode’ scope that can see through walls. If enemies are glowing red, they’re armed with guns, meaning stealth is on the card; if they’re blue, it’s a guarantee that the ensuing action in the next room will be solely hand-to-hand combat. Even though the structure is sustainable at first, it wears thin later on, especially as the method of beating both types of enemy are a little limited.

Stealth in the game mainly takes place on gargoyles, hanging high above the ground, or in gates beneath the floor. Abilities include laying explosive traps, making stealth kills from behind or ‘inverted takedowns,’ secretive attacks made when Batman is hanging from a gargoyle. Meanwhile, physical combat is just a case of hammering X to attack, and Y to counterattack, or later on when a bunch of rubbish armed enemies turn up to destroy the rhythm of the combat, a stun move with the B button.

From the first stealth/combat room to the last, the intricacy of both remains the same, rarely getting much harder and only ever altering in location. There are no elaborate combos to garner from the game’s wafer-thin upgrade system – the combat looks fantastic and recalls the choreography in The Dark Knight, but there’s no player progression here. The same applies, unfortunately, to bouts with the more high profile enemies in the game.

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  1. Diabetes Reversal Says:

    i can’t wait for the new batman movie to come out…the dark knight was so amazing! best movie ever!

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