Archetype HD

Posted on 31 August 2010 by kathydpaulin

Archetype is a multiplayer FPS game created by Villain LLC for iPhone.  And now it’s making its debut to the big screen.  Archetype makes gaming experience awesome to all iPad owners.

Archetype HD still has the same maps with the iPhone counterpart with added stages.  It has Rocket Arena and Avarice which creates more adventure.  It also allows players for both the iPad and iPhone play against each other through the single lobby system.  Gamers can play on multiplayer sessions with Wi-Fi and 3G connections.  There are three game modes namely:  Team-Death Match, Training and Challenge. The players are able use a weapon of their choice to master.  There is an arsenal of weapons to choose from.

Archtype is an action packed game which is very easy to play.  All you have to do is to log in and get along with the adventure.  The game is pretty fast and smooth.  Players won’t encounter too much control issues since it is very easy to comprehend.  Two joysticks on each side of the screen are readily available.  The left joystick is for walking while the right is for adjusting the views.  Firing a weapon is pretty easy too since all you need to do is to tap the screen.  There is also an Auto Fire option for those who want to make firing a lot easier.  This feature is very helpful for beginners. The graphics is excellent because of the bigger screen size which makes the game come into life.

Although the game is fun and enjoyable there is something lacking in certain areas.  Since it was released for iPad it should have an explosive feature which would compensate for the higher price.  All you get is a bigger version of the entire game.  Game developers could have made a difference with the iPad version.  New game modes could have been added to the game too.  Better and newer game modes could have made the iPad version better than its counterpart.

But if you’re searching for a challenging multiplayer FPS for your iPad then this game is just right for you.  Although it doesn’t have big differences with the iPhone’s version of the game it still interests gamers.  The iPad version has bigger field and might be worth the higher price.  The game runs quite well with iPad so you better see for yourself and rate your overall gaming experience.

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