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  • Article/Review Writer - This position requires a minimum of two contributions on a weekly basis. An average length article should be around 500 words, but may be more or less depending on subject or if a video has been created. Game reviewers, as is the industry standard, will review assigned titles. Both seniority and skill will determine the assignments.
  • News Writer - News articles must be objective and reported without unneeded opinion or bias. Though there is no set word limit, "news" must be brand new, and sourced via press releases, or other release medium. This position requires 2-3 contributions on a weekly basis, but can vary based on industry developments.
  • Walk Through Writer - Though there is no set word limit, "walkthroughs" should be carefully tested to ensure that the best possible scenario is presented to he reader. This position requires 2-3 contributions on a monthly basis, but can vary based on the level of detail. Images are important for walkthroughs, and should be of the highest quality (no blurriness or reflections), screen captures are preferred over pictures. Of course video submissions are best.


 Article/Review Writer News Writer Walkthrough Writer


 I will write exclusively for Official Strategy Guide

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I understand that work submitted, whether written or otherwise, will grant a non-exclusive copyright to Official Strategy Guide for public online and print display. In the event of articles and reviews, it may be possible to submit work previously published elsewhere with prior authorization, but otherwise I affirm that my submissions will be original works. I will grant first electronic and standard publishing rights to said content. For special articles such as interviews, I affirm that the work will be exclusive to Official Strategy Guide and will not be submitted to competing publications.

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