Diablo 3 Strategy Guide | 5 Days To Go – 5 Ways To Prepare

Posted on 10 May 2012 by @strategy_guide

So, here we are, 12 years later, and we have 5 days left before Diablo 3 comes out. What are you doing to prepare? Here is a list of things that you can do to get ready for one of the most anticipated game releases ever!

1. Buy Diablo 3 - Download Diablo 3 - Install Diablo 3
It doesn’t need to be said that the very first thing that you should do is to buy Diablo 3. It is being released in two separate editions: Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition, the former is pretty much the game, but the latter features not only the game (of course), but in a nice limited edition casing, The Lord of Terror: Diablo's head in the form of a statue, a crystal USB thumb drive containing Diablo II, plus much more like a book containing various artwork and a soundtrack.
The game is available at most gaming outlets and stores, but can also be downloaded from Blizzard’s website here: https://www.battle.net/account/management/digital-purchase.html?product=D3
It’s pretty tough getting ahold of a Collector’s Edition since they sold out pretty quickly, but they may have a few in on launch-day.
Blizzard will allow the game client to be pre-downloaded as soon as you buy the game. You will have first crack at the game as soon as the engines fire up at midnight Pacific Standard Time.

2. Setup Your BattleTag
In order to play and enjoy Diablo 3, Blizzard requires that you create a good BattleTag – a fancy word for username. Their servers will be hit hard no doubt, so you will need to visit: https://www.battle.net/account/management/battletag-create.html and setup your BattleTag as soon as humanly possible.
!!Important!! The BattleTag that you pick is forever, and can’t be changed afterwards, so make sure that you pick a good name - something that you will not regret.

3. *Cough Cough
Unless you have a slew of vacation hours saved up at work, you will want to call in sick. The flu has been going around pretty heavily this year, but if you’ve already used that excuse, think of something good. You might as well take off the rest of the week because you will NOT be able to give 100% at work 

4. Hit The Supermarket
Go to ACME, Pathmark, SuperFresh or whatever kind of supermarket is in your neighborhood and grab the gamer essentials: Doritos or Cheese Curls, Hot or Pizza Pockets/Rolls, Ramen Noodles (Cup-of-noodles is less work though), and a few cases of caffeine infused concoctions be it Rockstar or Monster. Don’t forget your veggies – I think there are some in the cup-of-noodles though so you’re covered!

5. Get A Good Diablo III Guide

OfficialStrategyGuide.com isn’t at a point where we can take on a large game like Diablo 3 yet, but Zygor Guides managed to create an amazing guide that will help you master Diablo 3 from every vantage. They are much different than the printed Prima or Brady Guides. Because Zygor can constantly adapt and modify their guides, in-game element changes can be dealt with almost immediately. Also, Zygor is the same group of people whose popular Leveling Guides changed the way ‘World of Warcraft’ is played. Not only that, but they make painstaking efforts to ensure that their guides follow Blizzards ToS. The Diablo 3 guide that they have crafted features a complete walk-through of the whole game, and includes crafting and class guides, information on how to optimize companions, and gaming achievements. If you want to play Diablo III … and win, especially in Hell mode or Inferno mode, you should definitely pick up the Zygor guide here ASAP.

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